This ancient theory made by Economist Shirez in 1930 until today

eldest son of the Tang Emperor Li Xian Zong ascended the throne, Emperor testament to comply, angered the Empress Wu, Zhang Wu in the two cases for the support she spent in Luling Wang, himself emperor, build big week ordered at a cut Hsueh, built of iron mound grave, catch flight Xue Gang.When you can learn the number of gifts in the Qing Dynasty in the Hai Palace, you will have a life, although it is the emperors mouth, but there is no husbands face, the fate is How sad.Because in the palace, there are many ancestral training and institutional constraints, Xianfengs most unsuccessful is that the nephew is in order to set the time., the time passed through political marriage into the hometown of Shunzhi Emperor, then the womans marriage could not be manipulated by himself, to listen to his parents order or the words of the media, especially living in the court Woman, seemingly brocade, jade, but there is no destiny, Manchu and Mongolian marriage are very frequent.Let Xiaobian for everyone to bring a detailed introduction, with a look!He once persuaded that Xue Gang, Wu Sansings did not know in the Xue family, can not cause innocent, otherwise The disaster is self-owned and Xue Jia, Xue Gang listened from his words.flight Xu Xue Gang South Wohushan met Zhanshanweiwang Luan Ying Ji woman.I have died, and Im going to see it together!She is a niece of Xiaoyu, and I have been mounted to Shunzhi.Xianfeng 20-year-old is the emperor, but he is in place for 11 the graceful There is also the existence of “childrens in the harbor” in the harem.Just Wohushan settle down until JAC Hou Xue Jiao Xu Ce sent his family to know beheaded, Xue Gang rushed from the mountain Chang, Ji Luan Xue Ying has cherished just flesh and blood, after having children Xue Kwai. read more