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Hu Shizi, Song Dynasty, said: “(Dong) Zhao people said that it is said that his storm is wonderful, not a two.And I oppose Cao Cao called Wei Gong, in fact, it is equivalent to change and Dong Zhao.Just this is not recorded in the “Three Kingdoms”.He helped Cao in his early years, and then advised Cao Murch Liu Bei (Cao Cao did not adopted).at the same time the whole dead Xun Yu!Han Dynasty can have this kind of history inevitably be famous, otherwise, Dong Zhao has been heavy, and Dong Zhao is also heavy, it can be seen that Dong Zhaos family is undoubtedly. read more

Mindy Halleck

Im a storyteller. Most of my friends are storytellers; playwrights, poets, novelist, singers, songwriters, and artists of all mediums.  We all tell stories for different reasons, and yet for the same purpose, storytelling aids us in understanding the world around us.

Storytelling predates writing. The most primitive forms of storytelling were usually oral expressions. Storytellers come in many forms, with many voices and tools, from poetry and literature to graffiti and fine art. We need storytellers, artist and writers, to elicit passion and emotions, especially in dark times when we can so easily avert our eyes from troubling events like a cultural revolution, rebellion, social injustice, corrupt politicians, police brutality, the imprisonment or genocide of an entire people. read more