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Huang Na Jian woked Liu Bei to the official position of the county, because there was no filial piety, the boss was also a war, maybe the past Liu Bei felt always all others filialize him, There is still someone today to make him honor this kind of uncomfortable.Later, Liu Bei decided to go out independently.When I tried to defeat Cao Cao at this time, Liu Bei, who was deceived with Sun Quan, and heard the relative industry, was it to dominate?In this way, the three countries at the time are the best in the Hanzhong battle.If Liu Bei, who has been obtained by Yizhou and Jingzhou has arrived in the peak of life, then Liu Bei is simply swelling.It is Cao Cao to stay Liu Bei and defeated Lu Bu to help Liu Qian reported the hatred of the county.A small partner that is very interested in the summit of Liu Beis peak, and our Xiaobian brings detailed articles for your reference.It has settled the Northern Trafficers Suhuang and others.His first job is that we are familiar with the sloppy shoes and mats.Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang after the Chibi will start crazy to snap up the ground, since your Sun Quan does not pay me Liu Ji as a teammate, I will not be polite, so wait for Sun Quan to respond, Jingzhou has Become a thing in the bag of Liu Bei. read more