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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice to clarify the General Design Code of the Internet Site Appropriate Design Specifications and General Design Specifications for Normal Design of Normalization of Mobile Internet Applications (APPs), helping the elderly, disabled, and other key benefits group equal and convenient Get, use Internet application information.In terms of verification code, if there is a non-text verification code in the web page, the corresponding verification code is enlarged, and the magnification of the verification code is not less than 2 times.Includes verification code in characters, graphics, and various types of drag and drop.At the end of last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced in January 2021, the “Internet application admission and non-barrier-free renovation” started nationwide.It is particularly worth noting that normally emphasizing the “security of older users”, pointing out that the mobile application should follow the minimum necessary principle when handling personal information processing, that is, handling personal information should have clear, reasonable purpose, and should be limited to implementation purposes Minimal range, personal information processing that is not related to processing purposes, to protect the personal information security of elderly users.The official official explained that “love” is “care”, which is the need for the user, the zoom in I, fully reflect the individual users (i) Respect, Interactive Characteristics (Interaction) and innovation.–Minomiguin an appropriate aging website, etc.Is it a political factor? Qiyi = qiyi = Uprising?However, I have been wondering, I have seen the domain name, the more the change is, the more the domain name is changed, and it is said that this domain name also spent a lot of money, before iqiyi is also a film station.During the day.When I opened the door, I saw my wife to give me a small note: “Be sure to cheer!The two units will evaluate the evaluation of the Internet Applications and Objective Level Evaluation System, and publish the evaluation results to the public.The total score is 100 minutes, 60 points or more is qualified, that is, by evaluation. read more