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For the ancients very particular about the legislation regarding good match and moral character, and in the Three Kingdoms period, Wu there is a queen, very humble origin, but it is the only emperor is the Queens official seal Zhao in his lifetime, she is the East Wu Dadi Sun Quan Queen Pan queen. Sun Quan during his lifetime his wife have seven, not to make the same identity, there are ladylike Mrs. Xie, also the widow Mrs. Xu, as well as the official birth of Ms. Pan slaves (which later became the Pan Queens), and so on. Readers interested in our small series with a look! read more

-After 90- computer industry chief Liu Gao- now is a goodompany spring

For only 5 years, Liu Gaochang completed the leap of the outstanding chief analyst from a beginner.

As a “90-after”, the current Zhizheng securities computer industry chief Liu is so fast, can you grow so quickly?

The answer he gives is: “Honesty to yourself, honesty for customers, and maintain the industry and research work of our own research, then maintain a curiosity, constantly from classic books, investment from various types Master, from the market itself, you can quickly form the framework and system of research, or you can make a friendly friend, which is a rapid growth of analysts. I am honored to grow with younger computer industry. ” read more

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Forn the color!” Iqiyi: “I am too angry!2 million, wholly-owned shareholding by Microsoft.About this war in the original, I saw the flame mountain land, led the soldier, when the face blocked: Dangli, the Tang San Tibet, the Tang Tibet, there is no God, no one, three context notices, Ten party support.About this point of Sun Wukong is also a good thingSo in the face of a deep flame mountain land god, it will also be respectful.”Taobao:” Do you know? Do not fold it;Nothing? Quickly spend!” From this sentence, I can learn the truth of the whole thing, you I think that the flame mountain land is because of the mortality, but why do he have such a big right? The reason is that too much Old Jun deliberately put him in the flame mountain, otherwise it is small How can I borrow so many 阴 阴 阴?Years into a million. read more


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