born in a wealthiest family

Weibo – Because there is freedom!According to CNN Business, local time reported on September 4, an unprotected online database disclosed online, which stored account records for hundreds of millions of facebook users, including phone numbers.Then you will prefer to read.8 million Facebook users private photos were leaked, there may be thousands of third-party applications to get these photos to view in the case has not been licensed.As a celebration for the festival, I suggest that people like reading books, put down the book today, pick up the phone, look at the video, brush the gossip, try to experience the normal peoples life.In life, most people are not reading.Prior to this, many user data leaks occurred.”Report said that Di Yapai discovered this vulnerability and immediately went to the authorities immediately.middle school – bless youth;In response to media exposure social media website, more than 260 million user profiles, Facebook is in investigation.developer – because there is a burial in love;the official meeting room – because there is a future of swollen countries.Today is a world study day.Currently this database has been offline.A report of Bob Dianshen, Bob Dianshenko, the technology website, said that these data is mainly the information of US users, which seems to be released by a criminal gang last week in a hacker forum.Facebook is investigating this.Facebook said that due to the repetition, the actual number of users actually affected may only be half of the report, and there is no time to see the facebook account.According to the FT Chinese network reported Tuesday there were reports that a database containing more than 267 million users of personal information was exposed on the Internet, including user name and phone number, and hackers share.CCTV – Because there is a truth in it;Kindergarten – because there is a childhoo. read more

lithium batteries and other hot plate

It is expected that the entire transaction will be completed in the first half of 2019.Today (September 1), todays two cities have been greatly differentiated, the sectors ushered in high and low-cut, lithium electricity, photovoltaic college high-spirited track stocks, low-level project Mechanical, big finance, big consumption and other white horse blue chip strong rebound, the turnover is 1.At the US Temporary General Assembly, the Chairman of the United States, the Chairman and President Fang Hongbo, the Chairman of the United States, said that after the privatization of Little Swan, the future beauty and the laundry machine business, from the product development to overseas market, will be formed.85%, retained 3186 points.absorbs the merged small swan matters, and the Securities Regulatory Commission approved.383 billion yuan, and won the review of two listed companies. read more