After Cao Cao died, Keng held a 100,000 armyZhang why didnt rebel

for small partners Cao Zhang was interested in, we bring small series of detailed articles for your reference. After the death of Cao Cao Cao Zhang army of thousands of his hand, Cao Zhang Why not choose to rebel? Cao Zhang mind is how to think?


Historically, the Seven are in Cao Pi Cao Zhang is born to a female compatriots, Cao Caos death, that is in power at all costs era, holding thousands of troops of Cao Zhang did rebellion, which is why? in fact, with his character has a great relationship Next, let us work together to explore the reasons for it! read more

I did the marketing planning of the old bank

recently loosely edit Jiege learned from friends broke the news, shop now eliminate negative feedback has a new play, and the main shop delete bad comments come up with new routines for the Poor user, once caught will be miserable routine the!Introduction: Ningze Financial Technology is a city commercial system Internet financial integrated solution provider, one end connection bank and financial leasing company and other funds, one end connected to the Internet consumption financial platform and other assets, which can provide traffic / fund matching , Anti-fraud, authentication, intelligent wind control and other services, will also develop customer relationship management, third-party credit, reporting system, Internet credit system, decision engine, early warning, and third-party payment, etc.Onia incorporates representative strength of Chinas integrated circuit, school, study and the like.According to reports, Panzis “double-wheel drive” strategy, on the one hand, continuously promote the localization and ecological development of the ARM CPU architecture;Work, he likes the worlds IT technology and industry trend, these information guide him Learning and career development direction, “When you know your gap and goals, you need some time to endure, learn some new things.But in Leiths seemingly technically related to management, there is no inevitable relationship, from technology to management is a process that is natural.TruphoneFinancing: Completion tens of millions of RMB financing, the capital side is Hongzheng Venture, German Broad investment.”Although efforts are not necessarily successfu? read more