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How to sprint in the peak season?Harvesting, you can take a look at the data in the past half month!Tang Taizong Li Shimin, once made a surprising thing, he put the death row of nearly 400 people, just to let them go home with their families before because of this matter, the people will fear him, and they will feel that he is a ruthless person.For example, the microblog of the Guangzhou Daily said that if Taobao Folowa is Guangdong Province, then add 365 crystal shrimp dumplings!Double eleven and double twelve can only earn a drink.This week, the phoenix has got eternal life, so there is the name of “no bird”.The third reason is that these prisoners are worried that their families, ancient penalties are very strict, and there will be even a mechanism, that is, we often hear a copy of the home, as long as there is a person in the family, then A whole family will be implicated, can be a big sin in the emperors eyelids, if Li Shimin is angry, it is likely to even end the family of prisoners, so in order to protect his family, the dead prisoner will not want to take the opportunity to escape.Naturally, it can be divided into three points.Shop Level: Three CrownSince ancient times, Phoenix has become an important part of the Chinese national culture.also known as Zhu Bird, Danbird, Flamingo, Hey, Western myth, is also a flamingo, no dead bird, the image is generally a long flamingo, and the body is fire, it is estimated that people Anti-style is working, evolved.Like the Phoenix and Kirin, it is a male saying that he is a phoenix, and he is always known as a phoenix. read more