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In the semiconductor field in recent years, Intel is tired in the process of process technology, but in the global market share, it is still in the dominant position.We expect that this will be the field of our future attack rather than defense.At the same time, the impact of the strong competition such as British Weida has fluctuated in the performance of Intel Data Center, and its data center business group campaign fell 9% to $ 6.061 billion, down 0.However, the person also added at the same time that the British government has not yet made final decisions, which may still approve the transaction in the case of certain conditions.At least in the market share of Intel Financial Data and its main business, there is currently no company to enter.With the main electricity to Samsung, from Apple to AMD, many technology companies begin to enter Intel.05 million last year.Ying Weida CEO Huang Renxun said: “Calculate GRAPU (Graphics Processing Unit, Graphics Processor) and DPU (Data Processing Unit, Data Center Processor), GRACE provides us with the third computing basic technology, and re-building data centers Promote the ability to develop artificially intelligent development.I want to say, the concept of CPU is Intel proposed. read more