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But human greed will never end, so there will always be a new scam and a deceived person.Lower crime costs, do not need to train offline, do not need activity venues, one mobile phone, a computer can start crime.The same promotion is unable to win, and often make a relaxed and easy to make money, and people who are weak, corruption, vain.In this regard, a number of public and private funds said that the current high valuation of the sector showed a larger, is a structural adjustment, the market does not have a systemic risk.”Star stone investment believes.The release of market risks will eventually be reflected in the changes in the transaction, once the heat falls back to a lower level, and the stage of large fluctuations will enter an end.In the configuration strategy, Liu Ankkun believes that the new energy sector is in the technical adjustment, the latter market or there is also a space for further upward.continued to fall is unlikelyThe emergence of the network broke the asymmetry of the information to make some poor scams smashed the rice bowl.A shares two days of continuous decline, especially leading shares down part of the market has been worried about.At present, it has the following features compared with ordinary pyramid schemes: 1.For current structural adjustments, some mechanisms are not pessimistic, and even considered a good opportunity for layout.This is also the scene depicted in the writer Murong Snow Village in his “Murong Snow Village Underpass 23 Day”.Gongming Investment said that the current surface continues to pay attention to performance growth has a certain high view gas sector, on the other hand, and the opportunity of reverse investment has appeared.Usually, due to cosmetics, clothing orThe price of jade jewelry is large, and ordinary users are often difficult to determine their price authentic.Third, the growth track early trading too concentrated, floating surplus stocks triggered profit-taking and sector adjustment. read more

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When modifying the title, it must not modify keywords, which is observed that there is no keyword matching or useless, it is best only Adjust 1-2 independent keywords, and ensure the order of each keyword, this is not too large for the entire title, follow-up just pay attention to the weight of keywords, click rate and other data.2, whether the goods are pre-sale goodsDo not change too frequently, however, can be modified according to each keywords click-through rate, click rate word to replace, modify one week to two more times.In ancient times, some top talents can have a crown, but they are often harmed by some “bureaus” in the temple.Second, Taobao commodity title when optimization is best?There have been a girl who has a monthly salary, the manuscript is built, I am angry, she returns: “Thirty thousand wages a month, what do you want to do!Different, the excellent people will take a strong cornerstone under the pad, so the more it goes. read more