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In fact, some keywords without Baidu index are quite a lot of search volumes.Weight Calculation of webmaster tools is based on Baidu index, noThe keyword of the Baidu index has no significance to increase the weight.The second: New shooting video for clip with text production.To do a good video accurate marketing process: find the right video platform (Baidu easy to include) – Register multiple accounts (more accounts must be more, doing marketing is a normal event, so you can find a lot of mobile phone numbers) – Making video text content (to know or otherwhere directly search integration) – Batch production production video – batch release (Be sure to use SEO Keyword thinking) – Finally, conversion flow.PS: The meaning of this is just a hundredweight weights of third parties.It is recommended that you can guide users directly in the video.Conclusion:, the harm of childrens growth, and Baidu search take measures and make a statement to society.Why should you have a clip, because the video requirements of the video are only 20 minutes, the shortest is greater than 20 seconds.D, video publishing topic, and label must be used. read more