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These two days of media have been widely reported “. China” top-level domain name, CNNIC Director Mao Wei said, “China” International top Chinese domain name has been approved to take effect, will automatically upgrade “.cn” domain name “. China”, Also support Simplified and Traditional Chinese input. Currently “China” domain name has accepted a global application. Question 1: Tap the URL is a problem: I am playing .CN, now call me “. China” should still put the space, the symbol also change half angle, and the middle must switch two inputs! Question 2: Browser support is a problem: Enter “Peoples Network. China” in IE, you can go to the Peoples Network website, but in other browsers to enter “Peoples Network. China”, more browsers are completely Such Chinese domain names are not supported. Input trouble is a big problem, and if you dont solve it, you will definitely affect the promotion of Chinese domain names. Question 3: Will it come casually? Last years Internet strikes, there are millions of CN domains to be recovered, or because the filing become dead stations, todays reputation to the Chinese domain name is today, “China” will repeat the “.cn domain name”, is a problem ? read more