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In November, Boyong is considering raising our quotation by providing more stocks.This nomination is for those who are disappointed with this matter.According to the British Reuters, the US Chip Manufacturer Broadcom has adopted a formal initiative, which launched hostile acquisitions to Qualcomm.According to the report, by the end of 2020, my countrys primary and secondary schools (including teaching points) Internet access rate rose from 79.8 per cent of GDP, digital economic aggregate ranked second in the world.By the end of 2020, it increased to 989 million Internet users, Internet penetration rate raised to 70.At the same time, focusing the key links in the industrial chain strengthen the collaborative research, surrounding high-end chips, intelligent sensors, mechanism models, etc.On December 4, Boyong announced the list of nominated lists, and Silver Lake, Broadway, Silver Lake, will help it recruit more board candidates.Song Yingchang, deputy director of the Industrial Internet Research Office, the Informationization and Software Institute of Industrial Research Institute, said that the introduction of the Economic Report Report, the introduction of industrial Internet resources will further strengthen the potential of enterprises, release the development of platform, and accelerate the development of common service services General platform and cross-section comprehensive platforms;Many times, we only guess the beginning, but did not guess the end.Second, the time and the high environmental support is particularly important.”The analyst believes that Lakara The unicorn in the third-party payment field has determined its profit once it breaks through the balance of profit and loss, and will enter the steady profit channel, and investment value is further highlighted.37 percent at the end of 2016 to 100 percent, 98.the deduction of net profit of 360 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 55. read more