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A news brush screen for the financial circle

Based on the existing new three board selection

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Build a service innovative SME main position


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Turning plate GEM, Kechuang Board


The status is different in an instant

Beijing Stock Exchange System –

1, the overall translation select layer basic system

2, adhering to the listed company of the Beijing Stock Exchange is generated by the innovative layer company, and the new listed company is a 12-month innovative layer company in the new three board read more

-Who is it- I actually give Song Renzongs green hat.

Song Renzong is known for “benevolence”, ruling genericism, very paying very much attention to political affairs, and so that Song Renzong will ignore the hometown. In ancient times, the emperors 嫔 嫔 is a thing that many women dream of, but in the back of Song Renzong, some people have wear a top green hat for Song Renzong, because they cant stand loneliness and red apricots. Below our Xiaobian brings a detailed introduction, lets take a look!

After Zhang Guifei passed the world, Song Renzong continued to stay away from Cao Queen, Zhou Gui, who is similar to Zhang Guifei, Zhang Guifeis sister and other various forces sent into the palace of the palace. Ten people before and after, known as “10 Hou Niang”. Most of the “Ten Hand Niangzi” was all cold. There was no noble door, and there was no threat to the political background of the emperor. Therefore, in the “10-way lady”, Song Renzong feels safe, “Dangnami” is also the most pet. read more

due to the rush ofhLuoyang Palace

First, the extension of the population structure is coming;88% of investment income were obtained in 2020 respectively.Some investors are very satisfied with these data.Iclass-based artificial intelligent diagnostic solutions for medical devices, which plan to list products based on medical equipment license programs in China National Drug Administration (NMPA).Especially with the expansion of Chinas health management market, the products have been concerned, and they are currently working with Chinas nursing homes, Youth Ophthalmology Vision Correction Center, Beauty Shan, Han Hospital, Health Products Direct Sales Company and National Retailer.The 2012 (strain) Rainbow is based on iris recognition technology, providing Korean companies from IOT greenhouse automatic control suits to health management solutions, as well as Jiris USA associates.In 2020, he once won the 2020 full market rights fund performance before three Among them, he managed by the agricultural bank industry 4.Reviewed the excellent performance of 2020, Zhao Wei said that his performance is mainly three aspects:”China for medical equipment and health intelligence intelligent medical device remote treatment of high demand and said:” Branch Hong Bo technology ( Shenzhen) Co.At the same time these cutting-edge technology development, but also to promote the construction and application of medical research institute and data center consolidation and other co-innovation network.05 percent return, is still among the first of its kind.They bet that Apple is difficult to survive in a saturated smart machine market, so the extension software business is the way of survival.For smaller developers, these achievements will increase their driving force of new products, especially the emerging platforms like Arkit and Apple Watch.fifth and financing structural changes drive financial asset structure changes.Zhao Wei summarizes that the penetration rate of new energy vehicles is rapidly increased.new energy power generation side, PV has entered the era of parity, in 2020 the average cost of photovoltaic and around the coal benchmark price estimates, nearly 80 per cent of our country can achieve economic parity, rate of return of more than 8%.The worlds major three major economies (EU, China and the United States), not to choose new energy as a main ruling program and investment direction, which is the future of global capital must focus on investment.C-terminus is more new energy vehicles .intelligent diagnostic medical devices (Eye OClock_D) to world-class technology-based iris image provided to the Chinese, so that patients who receive help, am looking forward to the establishment of medical equipment production base in China.According to the investigation, Zhao Wei clearly looks at the exploitation of the industrial chain company, and accelerates monthly, based on judgment, he puts a lot of increases, and the competitive pattern has a worrying photovoltaic company to replace the new energy vehicle. read more