South Front Antiques

We are one of the largest and oldest architectural antique dealers in Tennessee, with a warehouse of over 20,000 square feet filled with doorknobs, hardware, doors, mantels, decorative iron, stained glass, terra cotta and many more architectural elements acquired throughout our 30+ years in the business. If you dont see what youre looking for, let us know, or check back often. Were continually adding inventory. Dealers welcome!

22-26 March.

Place of Birth: Loureno Marques, MozambiqueOffice address: School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, Box 355020,University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195-5020, USA.

Dec. 2004PhD candidate, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences,

Feb. 2004PhD Qualifying Exam (high-pass), SAFS-UW.

Jun. 2002PhD Supervisory Committee established. The committee members are Vincent F. Gallucci, PhD (Chairperson, SAFS-UW), Andr E. Punt, PhD (SAFSUW), John R. Skalski, PhD (SAFS-UW), Miles Logsdon, PhD (School of OceanographyUW), Gregor M. Cailliet (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, California State University) and Jerry F. Franklyn (Graduate School RepresentativeUW). read more