this meansZhao Yun is a general cherhed genal

the phoenix is ??called phoenix.He killed a seven into Liu Zen and Gandama in Cao Jun.Ma Chaong began to surrender Liu Bei, Guan YuI cant see him very well.this meansZhao Yun is a general cherished general, such a general, how can we be loved and followed by the gentleman.” The latter says “Dragon is an ancient legend, a lacy must be able to make rain.He maybe more than Zhao Yun, but Guan Yu is in Zhao Yun than Zhao Yun.Unicorn refers to Chinese traditional Swhero.Jianan twenty-four years, Huang Zhong is surrounded by the enemy, Zhao Yun took a dozen rides in the situation of Huang Zhong, and once again assault Cao Jun array, he took a side.It is not a famous history.Kirin is actually a collective: male call, female.The reader can look down with our Xiaobian.Siling refers to the four spirit beasts of the first of the beast, which refers to: Dragon, Feng, Qilin and Turtle.From Zhao Yun and Guan Yu to treat the attitude of people around the world, why can the two will have such a big contrast.Sure enough, they were in line with international.When Massattery, Guan Yu thought of taking the night, but can be buried against the Pan Wei under the hands of Sun Quan, and finally died in Mai City.Dragon .The so-called hero is inevitably, and the hero is old, the sword on the battlefield has no eye, and I dont know how many hero died on the battlefield.Guan Yu defeated the soldiers to go from him, Zhao Yunbei defeated the mides, but they didnt have anyone to abandon, they were the big heroes at the time, whether it is a martial art or status? It is much different. read more