Remote office, whether in response to the epidemic crisis, or internal organizational optimization, there is a significant value:Private deployment mode, you can maximize your business information security and worth your ownership.”Domestic new energy automotive industry peak season yet to come, the most popular season should be a golden nine silver ten, the fundamentals of the second half performance will be better than the first half of the probability of large, industry opportunities expected throughout the year.”At present, new energy vehicles fundamentals very well.The callback whether to bring the car opportunity? Many fund managers said the new energy industry of the season yet to come, especially the new energy vehicles in the second half fundamentals great probability be stronger than the first half.Half of the total investment of Gao Yu is self-funded, the other half is bank loans.The stock price of Fufan Biology opened a long fell in late May, and even fell out of the lowest price last year.Gree, from April this year, the stock price continuously fell, finally fell from the lowest point of 42.(Securities Times)benefit from the strong performance of the new energy sector, equity fund performance the past two years the main cast in this direction leading many products yield more than 300%. read more