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Wu Youhui manager pointed out that since the second half of 2020, global financial markets there has been a significant reflation trade, but this process is nearing completion.677 billion yuan, never thought that the excellent performance of the Group was listed on the eve of the Bulls suffered a peer-patent attacks.First, the development languageIn recent years, Guangfa Fund strengthens the product layout, in the segment of the big scientific sector, looking for a long-term development potential, high-profile and high-profile, competitive landscape, a good segmentation index product, Guangfa National Card New Energy Car Battery ETF, Guangfa National Card Semiconductor Chip ETF, Guangfa Innovative Drug ETF, Guangfa Certificate Military ETF, Guangfa Card Films Photovoltaic Industry Index, Guangfa Certificate All refers to Automobile Index and Overseas Guangfa Net 100Etf, etc.407 billion yuan, 1.and the new energy vehicle batteries, chips, innovative drugs, photovoltaic, automotive, military as well as the Nasdaq and other sectors, with a distinctive “three high” characteristics: the high degree of prosperity, high growth and high volatility, investment GF Fund can route through science and technology theme series of index products, a key installed for the above-mentioned hot plate, grasp the technology mainstream growth track.Outlook in the second half of the year, Wu and Children believe that it is difficult to expand whether it is value shares or growth shares.Different development languages ?are usually used, and the stability, safety and fluency of the mall system are also different.Currently matured mall system, Java-based e-commerce software mainly: shop ++, shopn. read more