-5G + Industrial Internet- is over 1,500 importantndustries ov 1,500 projects.

The reporter has recently learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Under the efforts of the various parties of the industry, “5G + Industrial Internet” has exceeded 1,500 projects, covering more than 20 national economy important industries. At present, 5G applications are being produced by the production of peripheral production site monitoring, and the plant intelligent logistics and other scene applications have extended deep extensions to the product. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the first “5G + Industrial Internet” 10 typical application scenarios and 5 key industries practices. “These typical application scenarios have been applied to a certain scale of electronic equipment manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, steel, mining, and electricity.” The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced the “5G + Industrial Internet” typical scene and Key industry. read more

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During the Northern Song Dynasty, many poets were straightforward because of their character, but they were often crowded and degraded, especially Su Shis encounter. As the saying goes, I know the world, I can know a few people. Sometimes I have a heart to people, but I am not careful, even if I am open, I will be angry.

It is also a blessing, which is still sad, but it is also a blessing. One talented child has got a help of Mr. Dongpo, although it was reached by Mr., but he was grateful for him in a lifetime, and he expressed his feelings in the work. Here is a seven-law in Chen Shidao, magnificent, meaning and deep, Ji Xiaolans appraisal: the deeper is deep. Below us, Xiaobian brings a detailed article introduction. read more

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891 billion new Taiwan coins in the fourth quarter, which was reduced by 9.From the IFRAME call express 100 to make a courier query, go to the mutually pushing alliance iframe calling code, Zhang Ge is a little thoroughly touched for iframe.Hou Hou analyzed pointed out that the current report of liquor companies is over, most wine has good performance, and the overall revenue and profit growth are around 20%.The plate is expected to have a gradual repair process before and after the future season.There is more exciting!At that time, AMD officially said that these companies were abuse their own graphics technology patents in the US-sales smartphones, including 7633506 (US registration numbers) involved graphics processing architecture to frame buffering, 7796133, involved in the texture used by GPUs.Document.In 2017, AMD filed an infringement allegation to the US International Trade Commission (ITC), accused LG, Union, Vizio, Sigma Designs (integrated circuit design vendors) TV / smart equipment, etc.At that time, I was testing the JS package CSS code, think of simple encryption of my own labor results.According to a report, AMD has recently proceeds to UNAVA, and the other party requires two patent payment expenses of the violation of the self-payment.net/wp-contenT/tHemes / HotNewsPro / JS / KUAIDI.387 billion new Taiwan coins, an increase of 14.write (” “. read more