5 Shag and a Razorbill.

Founded in 1964, the work of Walney Bird Observatory is funded entirely by membership subscription. Since 1965 it has been an accredited member of the British Trust for Ornithologys bird observatories network which operates across Britain and Ireland. Bird Observatories are at the forefront of conservation, monitoring bird populations through the medium of census work, daily recording of migrants and ringing.

Another excruciating morning spent looking over the sea. Morning observations as the rain cleared to showers (1030-1230) produced just 23 Common Scoter, 14 Pintail, 5 Red-throated Diver and 4 Gannet.Posted byWalney BOat14:12A spot of seawatching!29th September 2021 overcast/frequent showers WNW4/5/6 read more

10 steps to mastering the art of orylling

10 steps to mastering the art of storytelling

Published byViteszlav BeckaMay 11, 2021

10 steps to mastering the art of storytelling

This post was originally published in 2016 and has been updated for relevance since.

We love stories. A good story can convey a message, entertain or ignite a fire within your audience. As a tourism professional,we create experiences, which in turn become stories.

The world is shaped by two things stories told and the memories they leave behind.

Many people think that the art of storytelling is something difficult and complex, reserved only for certain skilledmembers of society. That couldnt be farther from the truth. The skills necessary to tell a story can be acquired through practice and with the right toolkit, everyone can become a master storyteller. read more