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One time, the Qi Qi was hit by the queen, and the emperor was abolished under the emperor.However, even the Queen cant make a good fortune before you dont have a good fortune.The only thought of her little age is to live, until she did the most prestigious Sun Tais maid, and the situation appeared.After the Jingshi received this news, he suddenly fell into a chaotic.Jingtai First Year (1450) June, Taxi dispatch messenger and Ming Dalu, and said that he would like to send back to Yingzong Zhuzhen.After running for the door of the change, re-Dangshanghuangdi Qizhen, once again establish their own son Prince Zhu see deep.Does Wan Guifei dont know if the emperor doesnt know?However, Internet interoperability is only the foundation, the transformation of the intelligent family of the Internet of Things, should be the business model of the traditional home appliance industry, but also need to build software service platforms, the operating system, and this system must be open. read more