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marking a new stage in the high quality development of my countrys capital market.The article was published in 2001, the author YY Voice President Li Xue Ling, Ling Ling is also the earliest and deepest report of .Technology innovation is also inseparable from the power of the market to guide resource optimization configuration and improve the incentive constraint mechanism.Various limits do not actually have a lot of roles, but instead make Chinas networking companys development in the capital market, it can be said that Chinas network companies have missed the Gold Times of the US Capital Market Support Internet Development.25 million in other regions, so stock returning funds, can be said to be supported by the world capital market, but only the United States.He called Sima Yis big brother Simaran as the Siki.At that time, our goals were Internet software developers, in 1998, our business goals Turn to the Internet technology provider.7% of the shares listed in Netease before listed, and it accounts for 58.The NetEase financial statements are worthy of our careful observation.- Remove it and remove it, then it is desperately combined.Many media are very close to Ding Leis personal assets, I am not interested in this.it is a structural reform of financial supply to direct SME financing difficulties “pain points “Difficulties”, optimize the financial structure, expand the latest reform initiatives of direct financing;Although Cao Wei is strong, it is constantly challenged by the outside world, especially from the military pressure from Han.net strategy have been very similar.Set up a Beijing Stock Exchange, this is the new major strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee better service to the capital market, promoting the new major strategic deployment made by high quality development;On the other hand, for a long time, direct financing in my countrys financial system, especially equity financing, is still low.During the world, Sima Yis official position has been very low, there is no practical right, and it is charged a counselor.This week is the US capital market intensive financial report release week, the only Chinese company is Alibaba, the outside world is concerned with Ali even surpassing Apple and Starbucks who publish the earning report on the same day.BloombergIn the case of the RBC Capital Market Analyst, Mark Mahaney said: Yesterdays quarterly report shows that Alibaba is the best way to invest in Chinas economic growth and long-term growth of online business. read more