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“Journey to the West”, the old man”Feng Shens Romance” is a Taoist God, Taoism takes three clear as a respect, and it is too clear, Shangqing and Yu Qing, Shang Qing is Yuan Shi Tianzun, but That is Too old.When I didnt stay, I threw the magic treasure, I turned out, in other words, if Sun Wukong did not be tangled, there may be no such opportunity.Why do you change such a bigThe three errors that should be avoided when the website value assessment is involved in the sales of your website, and there are many traps that may eventually lead to too low or fundamentally available for sale.Therefore, make sure you get the biggest benefit from the potential of your website.This may be very beneficial to draw your success and experience and put in a new project.Do you sell your website?in “Journey to the West”, what kind of image is too old? Sun Wukongs cerebral sky, everyone They didnt have a way, or the old man fights with Sun Wukong and Erlang God.potential buyers., It is basically a unified white beard white hair, holding a dusty old man in his hand, the identity is very high, high-profile, can say that the degree is also relatively unified.Some small partners see the above website value assessment may still have some confusion, it is difficult to evaluate.However, “Journey to the West” is still too slow too much, and the front is written very weak, but in fact, many plots can still reflect his power, such as Sun Wukong. read more