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standing investment point of view, there are PE firms said the big fund intention and mission is to support the development of Chinas semiconductor industry, looking back, really big fund led to strong private capital into the semiconductor industry, speed up industrial development.Micro increased 0.September 1st,Sanan Optoelectronics disclosure, within 6 months after 15 trading days from the date of the Big Fund, it is proposed to take centralized bidding transactions and / or bulk transaction methods to reduce 2% of the total number of stocks, namely 89,586,826 shares.Looking forward to the future,In the case of Chinas semiconductor industry to the half-mountain waist, the profitable big fund should adhere to the mission, further increase the support of the industry, increase the “premature market, small”, and strengthen the angel investment, early investment.In this regard, there is an investment community emphasized that as an investment behavior, the reduction of the University funds is not very good, nor does it affect the fundamentals of relevant listed companies.The National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund (“Big Fund”) has to be reduced, still “wholesale” operating mode, one-time reduction of 3 Listed company: Sanan Optoelectronics, Wanchang Enterprise, Jacques Technology.Processing circuitry, 8760454 relates to GPU unified shader hardware architecture. read more