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The combined group hopes to compete with Disney, Netflix, and Amazon in the field of streaming media.According to reports, the acquisition of MGM is Amazons largest transaction since the 13.According to the data according to Lu Vount, the total value declared this year, the total value of the media industry is the highest since 2000, which is 640% higher than 2020.8 billion, the company increased its efforts to attract and retain new members for its annual fee of $ 119 Prime members.45 billion in MGM.Report also mentioned that companies such as Disney, Apple, Warner Media, Cormaste and Explorer have launched a streaming media platform during the past 18 months.According to the British “Financial Times” on the 27th, Amazon signed a $ 8.This transaction makes the media industrys total acquisition transactions have more than $ 240 billion this year, and is also the largest acquisition in Amazon to date in the media industry.Reports, the previous AT & T decided to strip WarnerMedia in May, and then merged with the competitors explore the communication (discovery), creating a company worth more than $ 130 billion.Amazons expenditure in the content of $ 11 billion in the 2020, higher than the previous year of $ 7.According to informed people, Apple and Casperta have also bid a MGM, the latter Holdings by the US hedge fund Anchorage capital and a financial investor.These insources added that Amazon wins because it is preparing to pay for about $ 3 billion than the closest bidding opponent.7 billion US dollars in 2017, is also the latest signal that is willing to spend on the content of its streaming media. read more


Iconic characters with amazing comic timing make this film an all-time favourite.

This story of four friends chasing a fortune is hilarious, to say the least, and doesnt become less funny the more you watch it.

Dont we all need someone like Dr Jug to teach the Kaira in us how to love life?

Friendships, reunions, career and love–rewatching this film is like reliving college memories and we all know we are guilty of taking a trip down memory lane ever so often.

A story of three friends navigating through life changes while still trying to hold on to each other, this film is relatable as well as entertaining. read more

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COM), with a small application potential!Statistics show that in 2017, there were more than 300 charging pile companies in my country.Guotai Junan Automobile Analyst Shi Jin once told Beijing Business Daily reporters that the strategy of charging piles is to run the horses, and they have more market accounts, thereby gaining sufficient flow and visibility.And recently, BMW and State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co.subject to district distribution network capacity, property management and other factors, then install the repeated construction problems also highlights, noThe order charging has caused low efficiency of power facilities.Although the number of large-scale outbreak of charging pile, charging still difficult to meet the demand for new energy vehicles.Just six years ago, has just started charging post market also lonely no smell. read more