desire to be a thief

It is a pity that Zhu Biao is unfortunately ill, Zhu Yuanzheng, who suffered from the pain of the death, directly put Zhu Biaos son, Zhu Yun, for the Exchange, this is what people said.It was buried in Jingtai Mausoleum.Some people think that Jian Wenmi is dying in this fire, but many people think that Jianwen Emperor has used the palace to flee into the palace, perhaps shaving it, maybe it is to go to the sea.However, after he entered the palace, he found a bizarre fire in the palace, and only a few of the cokes that could not identify true body in the ashes after the fire.One year later, Ming Yingzong was sent to the people, but unwilling to let the Ming Dynasty from the power chose to be on the south palace for the brother.It is a pity that there is no change in the tomb of the tomb.Therefore, this once the Ming Dynasty showed the British owner of ZTE, but he did not be buried in the 13th Mingming due to the struggle between the brother.Finally, the brother deprived that the Ming Dynasty of the emperors identity was not killed after death, but it was alone.In the early days, they were promoted to Nanjing, and they were moved in Beijing. read more