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The products of major merchants have occupied your screen.They think people buy “Secret Garden” is just in order to make the painting of the color to the circle of friends, everyones praise.Although there is no exact proof of decompression, there is no exact proven, and there is no rigorous scientific explanation.All of all the epidemic can not always be popular, but as long as you keep innovation, you can use the popular rules to make your industry as long as possible.In fact, in this past, if you wear such a thing, you will be used as a fool, at least you will not think you are a normal person. read more

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The stock of large-scale connections is concentrated in information technology, electronic equipment, chemical, mechanical equipment and other industries.From the past years institutional seats in the participation of bulk transactions, the August institutional activity has risen in the same period last year.Source: CHOICE Financial TerminalFrom a transaction amount, technology stocks such as information technology, electronic equipment are favored by institutions.In addition, Wentai Technology, Tiandi Technology, Tibet Everest, Tongtong Technology, and Geor Share agencies have been more than 300 million yuan.A total of 29 stocks in this month have more than 100 million yuan. read more