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After four years of horizontal adjustment, the mechanical engineering industry seems to usher again, and the output increase is higher than 2%, and the chemical industry may exceed the results of last year, an increase of more than 2%.In October this year, Jin will brought the best in Yanzong (i.Heroes, love at first sight.Daily Economic Journalists learned that according to the German Industrial Federation (BDI) predicts in its latest research report, the production of German manufacturing (excluding construction) will increase by 3% in 2017, in individual industries The power industry has the greatest increase, and the output has exceeded 5%.Qin Gu, Liang Shu, Silver Five hundred two.Tongzhu won the class teacher, passing through the Jingkou, and calling a prostitute to accompany the wine.According to CNBC, Beijing time on November 16th late night, Europes largest electrical engineering and electronic company – Siemens announced that it will lay off 6900 people worldwide!This layoffs are mostly in Germany, and in addition to Germany, restructuring measures will also affect more than 1,100 jobs in European countries.Although she did not achieve great victory, Han Shizhong only reached the eight thousand water army, the main force of the midst of the gold tie was forty-eight days, and the Song Juns morale was greatly encouraged.It is worth mentioning that recently, Germany authoritative Quality Management Agency German Quality Association (DGQ) and German Market Research Institute “Innofact” announced a survey study show: 80% of Germans believe that “China Manufacturing” is “manufactured in Germany” Righteous;Affected by the above news, as of November 16, Germany, Siemens share price rose 0.Nearly 7,000 people in the world, most of the German Siemens company announced in its official website on the 16th, will lay off 6900 people worldwide, and most of this wave layoff, that is, about 6,100 employees will be in 2020.Joe Kaele Kaeek, CEO, Warning last week, New A round of layoffs will be “painful”.Zhu Shengfei said that he sent Liang Hongyu to persuade Han Shizhong to rely on the rebels.Mulifu and Liu Zhengyan were detained by Liang Hongyu mother, but I heard Han Shizhong as a soldier, so I was quite polite to her. read more

because of the words of theseight sons

There are four rounds in the interview, respectively, with a group, one side, two and hr surfaces.The group is the normal interview process, and the difficulty is not difficult.China Network Technology March 18 hearing, according to network in the letter the Chinese public number of the message, to strengthen the security management has a public property or social mobilization of Internet information services and related new technologies and new applications, regulate the Internet information service activities, safeguard national security , social order and the public interest, recently, the national Internet information office, Ministry of public security departments around the net in the letter guidance, public security organs to strengthen the voice of social software and related “deep fake” new Internet technology, new technology application security assessment.One side is a one-on-one interview, the interviewer is the direct leadership of the interview position, so it must pay attention to words and expression when interview, and strive to leave a good impression.Then two, two sides are mainly examined for your personal abilities and logic, and you will also examine your expressive ability and interpersonal communication, so interviews in this link must maintain good expression. read more



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