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The person in charge of the Sai Xi Technology Company engaged in the chip industry said that the shortage of chip supply has exposed the domestic autonomous chip application rate, and the problem of uneven domestic supply chain is not equal, but these issues can be solved in the short term.In addition, due to the “., and optimize the development environment, promote the resolution and development of “core disease” “.8 hours a day, and mobile phones have become the most important terminals for netizens to obtain information and services.At the same time, there are also industry experts believe that the current global market chip shortage is mainly caused by the lack of start-up, the whole chip market is not significantly increased, and the long-term supply and demand relationship has no fundamental changes.and there are several commonly used labels The promotion effect of domain name, QR code and search box is not very ideal.Geely Automobile said it is rapidly pushing the import of domestic brand chips, as well as independent research and development of chip design, its self-developed control chip will be achieved in the car on the assembly in 2023. read more