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They have no choice in the traditional sense of the units worked; almost all their orders from the network; they are young, beautiful and persistent or were bystanders believed to be stubborn and headstrong; they belong to the independent space of 4G mobile Internet era . Not just Taobao, microblogging, micro letter, QQ space on the handset, as long as the associated software can interact with the outside world and they are publishing platform information. You follow me, I am concerned about her, communication between people is the Internet to create a parallel logic up to a difficult to convey the desired speed. They are “electricity supplier girl.” Xiali wearing her own design of “Lolita” clothing walking down the street when people will always attract curious eyes, there will be some brave people phone up her child through a continuous shooting. The “Lolita” in which 12 girls electricity supplier can be considered a small minority of the whole Wuhan City, more than a thousand million people, for many years to “Lolita” style dress girl no more than 500 people. Without the Internet, Xialis “Lolita” clothing business is absolutely not to todays results: her factory hired 15 workers in the production of “Lolita” costume every day, even in Southeast Asia buyers came to the door . Han Chen who model their own fat figure is upset, but now she gave large size women around the shop brought vitality, every weekend she will wear these large size clothing to take pictures and go. Bring the mobile Internet era is not only fast information transmission, but a new world to gendered, independent personality and culture can make use of the network will expand from personal space on their own screen to the whole world, past the so-called small circle, subcultures are aggregated, interactive and amplification. 25-year-old Henan Zheng Yi girl wandering in the world of rich ethnic characteristics of the region, rely on to help people made “dreadlocks” and earn tolls. Not long ago, she was free to a village in Yunnan Dali, rented a stump broken walls overgrown house-breaking prepare transformed into art studios, the Internet provides a possibility for her this maverick lifestyle. The girls become more and more independence and individuality, the power structure of the traditional business of the Internet is the individual behind the slowly melting. This is an era that can be envisioned, it is inherent in changing peoples lifestyle, business opportunities are expanding boundaries between industries began to blur, civilization in the mobile Internet era of integration and is quietly changing the first line of the body …… Luo Ting including sunglasses are bought second-hand clothing after renovation and redesign. She graduated from Wuhan Textile University, UK John likedGallianos romantic retro wind and the United States street culture. She earned life with WeChat public, and sold all the ideas and costumes and clothing. The sewing machine is a mothers dowry, and now it is a Lotten service. “I am 190 pounds in high school, now stable in 170 pounds, 89 years!” Han Chens first job is for a costume Taobao shop, this store sells many large size womens clothing is looking for thin girls Made of model, unfortunately thin girls cant reflect the design language of large size womens clothing, so Han Chen Sori is committed to doing fat models for e-commerce. Since then, the invitation from the large size clothing online store is constantly. Charli wearing the “Lolita” costumes made, painting design drawings on a long table. For interest, Shali initially only published works on the forum, and later starting from the online store to the physical store to the large-scale operation, with its own plant. She said: “In addition to going to the market, the remaining time is the Lili Tower wind dress, more than ten years, all the time.” In Wu Qianqians WeChat, in addition to the customer make pastries in her store, the rest It is the picture of the 23rd floor overlooking the prime business circle in this building. This DIY dessert store has been doing in 2008 and has been promoted on Douban. In this 6 years, I have been here at 10:00 am to 19 am. Full of a wall behind a wall is a customers message, and her imprisonment in Wuhan 6 years. Zhang Chunfang, Taiwan Hualien County Aboriginal, Amei. After the Chinese mainland tourists go to Taiwan, after the release of June 2011, Taiwan Hualiens taxi driver and the merchants of the guests introduced their tourists from the mainland tourists. Zhang Chunfang said: “My Weibo has just opened in June. You are the first to contact my mainland tourists through the Internet.” When traveling in Guangxi 2 years ago, Wen Xiaoqian tasted an ancient way to make radish skin, This taste makes her feelings dream. In March this year, after doing childrens clothing design, plane model, and fashion editing, Wen Xiaoqian has its own space. She will come from the radish skin of Guangxi, the beef, beef sauce and the beef ribs, which are carefully packaged with the stained blue flower cloth. Zheng Wei has a Weibo name called twenty-two waves, which recorded her from Bulgaria to Morocco, Ganges, Saigon, Guizhou Kaili, Rajasthan, Tel Aviv and Gaza Territory. Through Weibo, WeChat release information, Zheng Wei helps “dirty”, a head of 500 yuan, this is an important thing for her travel feesource. To go to the worlds very national distinctive area to collect handmade is her search journey. Zhang Linyi began to pay attention to “Hannah tattoo” in India four years ago, and the truly teacher is in June this year. With Weibo and WeChat, she appoints hand-painted locations. In her portable bag, there is always these things, several playing the temples of Hanna Tattoo and the manuscript created, and the paste plant pigment that is grinded with the seedlings of the sea grass. Now there are more than a dozen customers every day, and the hand-painted step prices are 20 yuan. She has three names, Wu Yanzhen, Wu Lin and cat demon. “I will believe in Buddha when I start public understanding, because my mother believes in Buddha.” From 2004 to the work, she has changed more than ten work before and after. In 2010, the cat demon opened the Taobao shop, from crystal jade to the Honoda bracelet and the necklace of the Bodhi series, most of the trophy in Tibet, but her Taobao shop has always been zero. “My Taobao shop has been opened, and the eternal life is all my hand to send it into the customer. When I have more business, I will be busy very late …” MISS ooklice is busy replying to mobile WeChat, I will I ran into the room to design her vase. “I have a bride tomorrow. After tomorrow, there is a wedding scene to be arranged. They need me to make an eternal flower bottle for them.” Wang Yans studio is a set of two rooms in the small area. The house, 90 square meters of rooms have been filled with various female bags, almost no foot. At the time of some messy tables, the two computers sent a smoking of Ali Wangwang from time to time, and the floor was full of womens bags that have been packaged ready to ship. When talking to me, Wang Yan also continued to answer the phone, reply to the message, packaged for the buyer. Xiong Yujies jewelry store opened in 2011, stacking a small flower of various colors of pearls and golden silver, these small objects were classified in a small box, and each box was set up with fabric lace. Although there is a physical store, her main business source is the promotion of network tools such as Weibo. Xiong Yujie will regularly publish its own works and store products. Reprinted from: Changjiang Daily read more

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