named from Jia.In his brain

Unexpectedly, the second daughter still did not come down, because, she became like white magpie, in the fire incinerated heaven immortality.However, interestingly, Yan did not like this immortal three daughters eventually become immortal, and her death became Wushan 12 peaks Goddess, or “Wushan Goddess.Genghis Khan announced the withdrawal.The Emperor Xuanzong is the eighth emperor, he is very unexpectedly emperor.This is also a new thing that is not in the past, and the old man is not, let the sons principal.At present, phosphorus processing belongs to the class license business, and the expansion of phosphorus chemical capacity is subject to policy restrictions.In October, Pu Wanwai, who was retired by the golden country, was separated from the golden country, in Liaodong.It is afraid of gentle sin.Chidi see the grief, bribe them not to burnt, the woman that is heaven, because the name Dinv Sang.Our Xiaobian brings you related content, interested in small friends to see it.Jin Xuanzong was born, named from Jia.In his brain, naturally remembers the matter before and after years ago.In the middle of the year (1213), the Wei Chen Hu Shahu poisoned the Yongji in the throne, and the end of Yan, who is in northern Xin, I have been hiding, and the results Hu Sha Tiger support him.Emperor Jin Xuanzong was born in the worldYear (1163), first seal of Wen Guogong, a small age is a special job, a second product, can be carried out at any time, or in the palace.Yan three daughtersOpportunity 2: Mid-term phosphorus processing capacityHe has many myths, today, this article to describe the story of Yan Emperor four daughters.Complete Yan Chenglins leadership is a team of temporary, old weak diseases. read more