restore the truth

User Review: For you Khan, because the king of the king is really true, it is only a problem with the moral level;Originally, I dont want tooth, I will write, I will write, now I will use iron.Since Wang Lifen, Wang Lifen, who has thought to be Wei Guang, since it is not a verbs, then I dont welcome it!After a well-known 80, the entrepreneur was separated from the world, and many of them were sorry.To reveal her face!and what you do, although it looks like a righteousness, it is impossible, but it is very likely that it has violated the law.And give a map: Eating melon netizens have spit, some people express support, and some people say that “people can ask you to report, you go to the Taiwan” .In 2013, he also served as a manufacturer, the host, made “win in the blue sky of the blue sky” public welfare real people show.At the same time, an article about writing to Maos suicide has broken through 100,000 + Wang Lifen, “excited to the extreme”, is accused of consumption peoples blood buns and be quickly Exposure, but recently, the well-known self-curtain of the explosive self-service, the media man Chen Chen Ling Weibo vocal: After Wang Lihe, Weibo violated its reputation .Also comment: I support you.The old things in the past seem to have been over, restore the truth? Extended reading: According to Encyclopedia: Wang Lifen has served as “Oriental Time” “Focus Interview” “News Survey” and other CCTV public office, After the end of 2009, I started my business, I founded Mei Net.This truth is really not small!Ding Chenling: @ 王利芬 sued my Ding Chenling Weibo violated her reputation rights Last week, I received the courts complaint! read more