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com, and the transaction prices were six digits.The industry believes that: “TCL intentionally with the lapberry brand assets, further consolidating the global market position, and also revealed the ambition of TCL in the enterprise market.Although the brand value has shrunk, it is still favored in some overseas markets, with a huge fan group.”In the future, in the TCL mobile phone brand layout, BlackBerry will appear in high-end brands.This time, the manufacturing, distribution rights of the BlackBerry, is never single from the BlackBerry product It is eye-catching, and it is its brand value and security software market.TCL Communications disclosed: “The product planning and listing time of the two parties will be announced in the next few months.How will it promote the development of overseas network? The Ministry of CommerceThe Ministry of Commerce said that the “14th Five-Year Plan” e-commerce development plan is fulfilling relevant internal processes and will be released in the near future.The spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce represented that the number of overseas warehouses in my country has exceeded 1900.The industry believes that the BLACKBERRY brand is added to a certain extent, to give TCL overseas well-known improvements.Some news said that early 2009, BlackBerry productionCommercial RIM has worked with Shenzhou Digital to award the distribution of BlackBerry smartphone in China.The total area is more than 1.” Experience. read more