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Emotional, health and law news most welcome what the public micro-channel public number of articles of the most popularity both table shows very clearly:? Emotional, health and law news read the number and the number of share ranked the top three.80% of the subscription amount of reading from a circle of friends which is a data within the Framework on December micro-channel open class from the share.When the market fell in this year, Zhang Kun managed the fund gradually tightened the purchase.1 billion yuan, an increase of 9.practical and easy remember content;86 reading articles is an average of 5.He mentioned in his speech, subscription number have a lot of friends from the amount of reading, which is in line with the principle of distribution 2/8, “20% of users to which subscription number to pick, and then 80% of users in the circle of friends to go to read them.8%, and the network stock index ETF increased by 0.Read the daily average number of articles over three users accounted for 51% of users read three or less accounted for 49%.Qingdao Haier is committed to building an ecological platform for the intelligent family community in the Internet of Things.Emotional information, the political and legal news is not only a story, but also makes people feel emotional reaction?The amount.This is the highest in the start of the QDII system.61% of the micro-channel users to forward the article to a circle of friends made micro-channel users to see the article you want to forward, 61% forwarded to the circle of friends, 39% of the articles forwarded to a friend.(Figure: Part of the fund company QDII investment)After the round is issued, the fund QDII investment quota has accumulated 75.These points just correspond to the highest type of article on WeChat. read more