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Li Shimin just became an atheist when he was on the emperor.This is a super big hand in the time.He thought, how much you can have a pen!He has long wanted to be a prince.India in order to meet him, and began to eat foreign medicinal herbs.But it is not a dream!Before the battle of Guandu, Cao Caos strength is not weak, occupying Zhangzhou, Yuzhou, Xuzhou three states, plus Nanyang, Huainan and Sipong East.In ancient times, peoples life is almost relatively short.This battle is a big reason is that Xu Weis betrayal caused Yuan Shaos failure, if Yuan Shao listened to Tian Fengs suggestion, can I drag Cao Cao? ? Interested readers can look down with our Xiaobian.That brother is not very good in your own hands!In this case, many ministers recommended Mrs.The surroundings of his site are enemies.Ma Liang is a kind of ambition child, he said: “Bias dont believe, how to make a poor children can not learn!have a pleasant state of mind, a good habits to maintain a healthy diet, right amount of everything, this is the secret of longevity.He With a stroke, a bird, the bird fell, flew to the sky, singing him singing.However, the Emperor never imagined that he ate immortality in March, the body feel a discomfort, greatly exacerbate the condition, actually lead to “violent illness,” I have not seen for two months died at the age of only 51 years old .CanSee, this is a medicine for governance, Li Shimin suffers from indigestion, and begins to take medicine. read more