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” During the software development process, violations downloaded on the Internet, running a variety of viruses, “causing a large number of computer viruses to spread a lot, serious hazardous network security, causing major economic losses.Main door software may cause user computers to be remotely controlled, bank account , Stock account, online game account is stealing, the server is controlled to launch a network attack, the user is online by real-time monitoring.So everyone can understand more, support all moderators, super versions.The beautiful radius that wears thousands of people do the most tired thing, a post a day a post, found that the sensitive word must be shielded or deleted in time, and extremely boring.These public opinion cases have been made by Rising, although the competitors have caused the competitors in a short period of time, but in the long run, it is harmed or the interests of their own company.The promotion of Party B is relatively fast, because the pre-sales service project also needs Teamleader, after-sales service needs, the service project elite team still needs, the marketing team also needs, in short, it is said that there is a safety management position. read more