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Tomer shows you how to have a howling good time with Werewolf Tribal on a budget!

TheAsianAvenger updates Esper Control for Modern!

What sweet Innistrad: Midnight Hunt lists did viewers submit this week? Lets find out!

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Decay Zombies might not be great as creatures, but they are amazing sacrifice fodder! Can the combine with The Meathook Massacre to Leatherface some fools in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Standard? Lets see!

The crew does Universes Beyond Commander Clash style, building decks themed on different non-Magic IPs.

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Joe Dyer takes a look at Innistrad: Midnight Hunt for Vintage!

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TheAsianAvenger goes to the combat step…. wait, what? Is the combat step new? Help Crim Find out!

Tomer and Seth each share their five favorite Commander cards from Innistrad: Midnight Hunt!

What are the odds of winning by drawing up to 13 cards with Triskaidekaphile in our newly rotated Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Standard format? Lets find out!

Tomer shows you how to turn Coven Counters into an optimized +1/+1 Counter Coven deck under Leinore or a Human Tribal deck under Kyler for just $50!

Mono White aggro was one of the better aggressive decks before rotation and Midnight Hunt has brought a ton of tools for the deck!

Joe Dyer dives into the Midnight Hunt for Legacy!

Seth and Richard discuss their experiences with Innistard: Midnight Hunt in Standard and limited, a bit of MTG Finance and answer MTGFis…

Check out ourInnistrad: Midnight Hunt preview pagefor the latest card previews and prices.

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