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Review domestic e-commerce has developed more than 20 years. In this year, the e-commerce platform represented by Ali has promoted the progress of the business.

In the course of the development of e-commerce giants, the two shopping festivals of Double 11 and 618 set off a wave of shopping. After more than ten years of development, the shopping experience brought by the double festival is more enriched.

This years 618, a large number of platforms joined the war, considered “The most competitive 618 in history, which also guess the outside world more speculated. From 618 e-commerce platform disclosure According to the data, many data are quite bright, especially the number of merchants of Tmall 618 cooperation is far ahead.

For head players, the turnover data continues to innovate in many times behind People seem to be reasonable. A series of numbers are just a result. Behind the results we look back, maybe we can deeply dig the factors that the merchants choose the platform will consider.

E-commerce platform drives supply upgrade

This 618, consumers and merchants have an intuitive feeling: That is this years shopping festival becomes close to a month, time long, more choices.

According to China New Jingwei Research Institute, China International E-Commerce Center Research Institute jointly released “618 prospectanding observation report: five major trends in high quality supply” show: “618 shopping festival is boosting the market vitality, major electricity Commercial platform expansion, circulation, promoting industrial consumption “double-upgrade role continues to enlarge, promoted the high quality supply of goods.

The “Report” also quoted the National Bureau of Statistics and the National Post Office, and the online retail contribution rate of Chinas market in June 2019 was 9.0%, which rose to 9.6% in June 2020. This years 618 shopping festival once again showed a strong consumption momentum, which means that the online retail data in 2021 will rise again.

Borrowing 618 E-commerce shopping festivals can stimulate market vitality, and accelerate the back of the market, in addition to consumer, the domestic mainstream e-commerce platform has played a pivotal role. Since June 1, each mainstream e-commerce platform announces a lot of bright and bright data, which has an e-commerce economy.Have a huge growth potential.

It is understood that this years Tmall platform participates in the number of 618 activities is 2.5 times last year, a total of 250,000 brands, 130 million items, of which 1.4 million is new. Whether it is the number of businesses to participate in the scale, or the number of goods, the advantages of Tmall once again highlight its extensive influence on brand business.

In addition to the eye-catching merchants participate in the data, Tmalls status is also recognized by many industry agencies. According to the “2021 brand 618 big promotion insight report” released recently previously released, Tmall is ranked first in the first, high and nearly 40 percentage points in the ranking of the transformation rate platform in the investigation-studied brand merchants. An 80% of interviewed companies participated in Tmall activities, and half of the brand companies participating in Tmall activities will leave more than 30% of the big budget to Tmall. (Tuyuan Yibang Zhicu)

Simultaneous domestic securities institutions such as Guasheng Securities, CITIC Securities, Changjiang Securities, Oriental Securities, Skywind Securities, Anxin Securities, Huachang Securities and other brokers The 618 research report has been released, unanimously believes that Alibaba core commercial fundamental disc is stable, the company actively adjusts the operational strategy, increases Pu Hui, will bring experience optimization to consumers, bring efficiency to the merchant.

Zhu Haizhen, the founding partner of Zhonglin Capital, said that Tmall 618 is an investment window that is closely concerned about the circle, and the black horse new brand that is running will also become a “potential stock of investors”. From this angle In view, the value of Tmall as a platform has the most intuitive promotion of brand merchants to increase the currency conversion rate. It is also difficult to shoulder for other platforms.

With e-commerce marketing, The majority of merchants operate at the same time, and it is a common phenomenon. As the first big “two choices, how do I stand in the business platform?

The first choice One big promotion, what do people need more?

As the development of the e-commerce industry is more mature, although the players of this popular track increase, the online retail market has huge development space. According to the Ministry of Commerce Official website data, 2020 Chinas physical commodity online retail sales of 9.4 trillion yuan, an anti-growth increased by 14.8%, accounting for 24.9% of total zero.

From this data, the future e-commerce giant can make this market to make great strength. This 618 is also the first to “two choice a big promotion festival, the merchants choose to choose the platform. So, what kind of value of the platform is in the business?

I, high quality Sales growth, improve the influence of brand in the industry

Previously, merchants have become a normal business, and they have their own understandings and discs for different platforms. This apparent statement does not have two choices After that, the choice of the merchant is more flexible, but their core indicators will mainly value which platform can make their goods sales continue to rise.

In the eyes of the business, 618 mean the most concentrated outbreak in the first half of the year, this important The shopping festival is self-evident to their importance. On the one hand, the sales volume directly affects their revenue performance, and on the other hand, it is an important window for new products and is the key to brand sedimentation user assets. Obviously, who can be the mainstream e-commerce platform In these two levels, the sales volume of sales and the value of the brand are naturally sought after.

At this level, the mainstream e-commerce platform has its own advantages in the industry. Tmall is considered to be One of the highest brands in Chinas e-commerce platform, one of the most mental advantages, consumers recognize the quality of Tmall, which has continuously brought repurchants in Tmall, which is also a point of many businesses.

There is a brand side say: “I can do new products in the traffic platform, doing the market in the retailer, in the low-cost platform, but directly touched the user, build a brand must be in Tmall, in On the iceberg, we see a burst growth in a field activity, under the iceberg, is the ability of Alis intelligent business infrastructure. From this level, Tmall has not been formed by the value of the merchant, but a barrier that cultivates the internal power of many years.

Second, multi-party initiatives have increased in the merchant, and the platform is anti-fisherman to achieve a win-win situation

For the e-commerce platform, advertising and commission income is an important business in their e-commerce sector. In Ali, the business income is achieved at FY2021 at a rate of 30607 billion yuan, an increase of 24.18% year-on-year, and the growth rate beyond the last fiscal year. E-commerce platform wants to achieve this data growth, on the one hand, more and more merchants are stationedBusiness platform, on the other hand is the use of more services, these services must meet the needs of the merchant.

For many merchants, although it can bring more obvious sales growth to the e-commerce platform, cost spending is also a little more attention. In terms of the hypervilation, Ali, Jingdong, and many more measures have taken a lot of measures to save costs for merchants.

With the Tmall of Ali, its core strategy in 2021 will reduce the cost of operation of merchants, create more open, fair, more efficient, share development results, and better serve SMEs. And the entity economy. This 618-day cat is cut “return shipping insurance, according to the platform, this freight insurance will help the merchant reduced the return cost of approximately 25%.

In addition to making the merchant drop In addition, the e-commerce platform also pays more attention to efficiency. This time, 618 platforms increase the increase in merchants is mainly reflected in all kinds of tools, especially many tools, free merchants. For example, Ali is free to open “Sambo” Japanese business tools such as a coupon (single treasure, shop treasure, matching treasure, coupon) are convenient for more business use.

In order to make the merchant more about the consumers shopping needs, this year Tmall launched a hot list, hot search, etc., all based on the most authentic consumption insight, give the best consumption guidance, these Tools and products can effectively drive merchants to achieve growth.

Third, all-round focus enhance the user experience, improve users participate in merchant activities ”

The e-commerce platform is still a big promotion of the merchant, and the consumer multi-selection ideas The platforms are no longer in simply relying on low prices as the core strategy, build a fun and fun, so that more users are cultivated and stimulating consumer desires is also the platform for merchants.

This 618 shopping festival, different e-commerce platforms have their own focus to attract user consumption shopping. From Jingdong, open the Jingdong App, 618 venue with spike, category venue, home focus, electrical advantage, add supermarket, clothing beauty, the entrance of clothing beauty makeup; spell a lot of 618 venue For the core brand special; the shake also has a separate 618 venue, from the positioning, mainly at low prices.

Lynx to view the user enters 618 from any venue, you can see the entrance Lynx list and shopping list in the recommendation page. After the user “electricity supplier online” experience found Lynx list is more like a set of recommended mechanism to help clear goals shopping consumers to quickly make decisions while shopping list by “high-quality men of God,” little genius home and other personalized labels to delineate a portion of the underlying commodity is more like shopping needs help but does not explicitly target consumers for efficient “grass.

the electricity business platform to further enhance user participation in the entire network degree, make the platform more Pratt & Whitney. Lynx is focused on enhancing the user experience. on the one hand, the Lynx pre-sale period adjusted to 8 am, when the user shopping long the effect is significant. on the other hand, continue to cats and other game play, strengthen user participation, but also make the shopping experience even more interesting by constantly enrich the user experience, thus boosting the enthusiasm of users on various brands of participating merchants, but also can stimulate the desire for consumption by the user.


this year, the electricity supplier industry is a lot of people think that “within the volume is more serious, but the day we see the cats in the electronic business platform level or continuous innovation gives new surprises. In the electricity supplier industry, although Lynx seasoned mature electricity supplier, but its ability to continuous innovation and iteration, better adapt to changing market trends, perhaps the core reason many brands choose firm of Lynx. Article