Synonym(s):dentalgiaodontalgia.Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012toothache(tthk)Pain in a tooth due to condition of pulp or periodontal ligament resulting from caries, infection, or trauma.

Synonym(s):dentalgiaodontalgiaodontodynia.Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012Patient discussion about odontalgia

Q. Can anyone suggest a method which will prevent a toothache without any medication?My mom is a great singer which has been her passion for the past 35 years. She has thousands of fans of her and I am one among them. She used to sing for us at home in our every night get-togethers which made us relax after a strenuous work day. But for the past 4 months all her fans are very upset because my mother has been suffering from a toothache which has made it difficult for her to sing. We tried many medicines but in vain. Can anyone suggest a method which will prevent a toothache without any medication?A.May I know her name? I may be one of her fans too… Its an old wives tale but does provide TEMPORARY relief…WHISKEY on the gums. This is only a TEMPORARY relief until you get to the dentist but it does help numb the gums. Clove oil works excellently well too. It is quite strong, but serves its purpose. Dentists are the best. There is no life without oxygen. So it is best to get to the root cause to cure the problem.

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The use of metaphors to express toothache: a study in the field of the anthropology of health /Uso de metaforas para expressar a dor de dente: um estudo na area de antropologia da saude

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Jaw Exercise Therapy and Psychoeducation to Reduce Oral Parafunctional Activities for the Management of Persistent Dentoalveolar Pain

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