At a time when more than one-third of employers around the world are experiencing difficulty finding talent, clients are demanding more from their recruiting partners.


Allrecruiting challenges are unique. With a new and novel approach, our teamdelivers talent efficiently and reliably. And, we do itbetter than anyone else in the industry.

Through Lean Recruiting®, Beaker is changing the rules of talent acquisition.

Finally, customizable talent solutions matched to client needs.

Every search is different, and so is beaker.

World-class recruiting and researchare at the core of Beaker. We apply those strengths through projects specific to the challenges, needs and expectations of our clients.

All searches are different. Filling a specific executive opening is different from building a talent pipeline. Focused recruiting by diversity or geography requires insight, experience and a tailored approach. For certain clients, intelligence is the priority, mapping the competition or a specific pool of candidates to better drive talent decision-making and strategy.

A smarter, more efficient way to fill executive positions.

Through years of experience at the highest levels of executive search, we have found a better way. Our process eliminates the risks and frustration normally associated with executive search.

Our team works quickly and comprehensively to identify and develop the most qualified and motivated candidates for your senior executivevacancies.

We are the only model with no off-limits restrictions, providing 100% of our research and recruiting results intelligence to clients all for a single flat fee not tied to compensation.

BeakerTalent Pipelines & Communities

Beaker has mastered the art of talent pipelines, focused on geography, diversity or functional specialty. This is the only strategic solution for filling multiple roles, both today and tomorrow. Our pipelines deliver a larger slate of qualified, motivated candidates. Unlimited hiring means no supplemental or incremental placements fees and a recurring return on investment.

BeakerTalent Pipelines allow for unlimited hires and with no time limits, for a fixed flat fee and timeframe. All candidate research data is provided, resulting in the only ongoing ROI in the industry.

Recruiting and candidates are not always the immediate need. For those instances, Beaker invented talent intelligence as a service.

BeakerIntelligence provides a look across or within your direct competitors, providing you with insight and analysis specific to your organizations needs. Our Talent Intelligence projects are offered as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with a recruiting effort.

BeakerTalent Intelligence reports are tailored to client needs and span Competitive Mapping, Succession Planning, New Target Market Insights, Target Candidate Peer Rankings, Diversity Analysis, etc.

Veterans in executive recruiting, research and talent intelligence.

The leadership team of Beaker are all veterans of the retainer-based search industry. Our life sciences focus centers on pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics. We bring decades of multinational recruiting and consulting experience together with a commitment to redefine world-class executive recruiting solutions through a new and novel approach.

Beaker Project Managers represent the best recruiting practices in the industry, with storied experience from multinational, retainer-based executive search. They set the standard in their attention to project strategy, candidate development and communication and in their commitment to bringing the best talent forward and meeting the needs of our clients.

Research is at the core of what makes Beaker great. Our process does not rely upon a database. Instead, our research team scours 100% of the defined market from end to end with no off-limits restrictions. In the end, our projects are transparent with all research, data and candidate intelligence delivered to our clients for every project.

Founded upon years of experience in search, Beakers process is different and unique. It is built to be quick and efficient, while producing results of the highest caliber. Our Operations team ensure our clients experience consistent, reliable deliverables in every project they undertake with Beaker.

The team at Beaker is all about quality. With a model founded on best-in-class research, constant communication and a streamlined recruitment process, our executive recruiting projects consistently result in hiring the best candidates the life sciences industry has to offer.

Beaker has changed the game forexecutive recruiting with a smarter alternative to traditional search and the compelling introduction of talent pipelines and competitive mapping. Nowhere else can we find the flexibility, results and return on investment provided by Beaker in their solutions matched to our specific talent acquisition needs.

We consider Beaker a strong partner, and our executive search experience has been exceptional. Through their responsiveness, organization and results, we consider the team at Beaker a solid fit with our culture and a trusted advisor.