nobody feels at a loss in how to engage in thiwork.

nobody feels at a loss in how to engage in thiwork.插图

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Children provided backpacks and school supplies since 2016.

Orthodox parishes and organizations serving kids in need.

Lasting relationships with school districts and community partners.

FOCUS is a way to involve everyone. Its a way to take people beyond writing a check to actually having an encounter. Everything we do, by nature, is local and personal. Each moment of service is an individual interaction, but there is a benefit added when you are able to also collaborate. When we share these experiences, nobody feels at a loss in how to engage in this work.

Normally I come and volunteer at FOCUS six times a month. FOCUS has to stick around… If FOCUS was to be removed then you remove food, you remove clothing, you remove the spiritually it provides, you remove a lot of the counseling that Fr. Patrick does. And as you see with these people here, we need FOCUS to keep things going, to keep people up.

Through FOCUSs support and guidance, working alongside the advisory board in Cleveland, we have added a 12 bedroom transitional house. We also have stability, and a fantastic network of ministries across the US to work with. Its really nothing less than a miracle what God has enabled the ministry to accomplish in the last five years.

FOCUS Cleveland Advisory Board Member

Its pretty clear that one day we will all be judged, not on how much we fast or how often we go to church, but did you take care of the least of these my brethren. FOCUS has really provided a great platform to fulfill the calling that Christ has to go and actually feed those who are hungry.

St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Washington D.C.

We are all struggling with something, and those who come in to FOCUS need to know theyre loved. God loves everyone, the whole of humanity, limitless love, and FOCUS gives us the opportunity to express His love for usFOCUS is just a natural outgrowth of what the Church really is!

FOCUS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, FEIN: 26-4427803