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Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment And Prevention

Healthy diet or healthy food does not include good green vegetables alone. The way the food is cooked also counts. You must have a hygienic cooking system if you are cooking food at home.

If you are buying a take away from some restaurant than you must make sure they cook in a hygienic environment. Food which is unhealthily cooked is as bad as unhealthy food. Unhealthy cooking methods can cause food borne diseases, weight gain and does not provide the nutrients that are necessary for the body.

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In this article we shall discuss of some unhealthy ways of cooking food which should be avoided. Just by eating nutrient rich food does not ensure your body will get all the nutrients.

Sometimes, all the nutrients and minerals needed by the body are lost in the process of cooking. Therefore, avoid the following unhealthy ways of cooking food and experience the benefit of healthy cooking and healthy eating.

Deep Fry cooking involves frying of food in hot oil. This is one of the unhealthiest ways of cooking food. Avoid deep frying food as it increases the saturated fat content of the food. Deep fried food is the major reason for increase in weight and increase in cholesterol. Also, if you eat fried food outside, the oil used is quite unreliable. It may cause stomach infections as well. Even if cannot avoid this unhealthy method of cooking, make sure you soak the oil from the food by using a tissue or paper napkin.

Barbecue food is very delicious. But, using charcoal smoke to cook the food can be bad for your health. The smoke from charcoal can be carcinogenic in nature. Also, the charcoal smoke can cause respiratory diseases. Therefore, replace the charcoal barbecue to electrical barbecue. This is also an environmentally friendly method as the charcoal smoke pollutes the air. Avoid using charcoal as it is an unhealthy method of cooking.

Avoid using plastic containers or plastic wrappers to cook food in the microwave. The plastic containers also contain cancer causing substances which are capable of causing health hazards to man. Plastic covered food should not be re heated directly with the cover on it. This is one unhealthy way of cooking food. You must be careful when you are cooking food. These are small things that can cause major health hazards to us.

Vegetables should be washed when their skin is still on. The skin is accumulated with dirt and chemicals. Once you cut the vegetables, avoid washing them. The minerals and nutrients are lost considerably when you wash the cut vegetables. In this manner, you hardly get the nutrients you want from those veggies. Similarly, try not to throw the peel of vegetables and fruits like apples, potato, etc. The skin itself contains a lot of nutrients. Avoid using these unhealthy ways of cooking food.

Pan Fry or Shallow Fry is as much as an unhealthy method of cooking food as deep fry is. Therefore, avoid shallow frying method of cooking food. It increases saturated fat and cholesterol as deep fried food does. Regular eating of fried food is unhealthy.

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