After Liu Bang was seated as Hanwg, how did he come out of thdifficulties-

Liu Bang was sealed as Hanwang, one of the most dark moments in his life, and interested readers can follow our Xiaobian to see.

External, Xiang Yus tiger, strictly plus the protection, sealing three kings, the road to the road. Internal, soldiers constantly flee, the military is scattered, and the strength is continuously reduced. In this way, dont need a feather hand, Liu Bang is alive “sleepy” dead.

Let Liu Bang “live” up, from now on, it is Han Xins emergence! Under Xiao Shi, Han Xin was worshiped as a general army, and became the highest military commander under Liu Bang, which is also from this day. Liu Bang began a big trip to the world.

Liu Bang gave Han Xin in such an important position, isnt Han Xins famous name, nor because of his confidence in Han Xin, it is not because Han Xin showed many talents, but based on Xiao Hes trust .

As the old brother of Liu Bang in Pei County, the top number of the account, Xiao He and Liu Bang have long been in a total, interest, if it is not for Han Xins extreme appreciation and trust, Xiao He is impossible to recommend Han Xin And push him to the highest in the army, otherwise, what is the difference between this life? If Han Xin played a few big defeat, the home lost, what is Xiao He fell?

So, Xiao He must be an extreme trust of Han Xin, then, what is this trust coming?

Xiao He is a serious underestimated talent

in Liu Bang In the team, Xiao Haos position is “internal affair”, whether it is to follow Liu Bangzheng to discuss the world, or the countrys treatment of the country, it does showcase the human affair and governance ability, becoming the number one hero in Liu Bang, can say, if there is no Xiao, Liu Bang seized the process of winning the world.

To summarize in a sentence: Xiao He is the internal person who dreams of the emperor.

But then, many people have misunderstandings of Xiao He, think that Xiao Ho will only manage internal affairs, and there is no one in the military. Indeed, compared with Han Xin, Xiang Yu and other famous famous articles, Xiao Hes military can indeed, but this does not mean Xiao why will not fight, and it is even more way to say that Xiao Hao is unless.

Xiao He, who has also been familiar with the military book, has a certain military talent, but he quickly realized that he was not this piece, so he gave up our efforts to give people, it is that he is a “big housekeeper” Type talent.

This illusion is like everyone thinks that Li Bai is a big poet who has a handless chicken, but I dont know if he is a “slashing people who dont blink, thousands of miles do not stay” swordsman.

Xiao He has not enough to make him a general military knowledge, but he has a junior military knowledge. These knowledge is enough for him to identify, analyze, and judge Han Xins military talent, at least he knows Han Xin said whether it is reliable.

At another point, it is important to note that Xiao He followed Liu Bangs process, although he did not personally on the battlefield, but also experienced numerous times of fighting, this kind of practical experience is extremely valuable. Experience, Xiao Hao is not a military white. So, Xiao He has enough ability to judge: Han Xin guy is very powerful, it is a rare military talent.

Han Xin reflects his power

Xiao He knows Han Xins power, but in his belly, it cant explore Han Xins bottom, just like it cant explore the bottom of Xiang Yu. Because these names will accomplish in military, it has far exceeded the cognitive boundaries of “ordinary people” such as Xiao.

So why do it trust and recommend Han Xin? Because Han Xins eloquence.

Liu Bang is facing the desperate situation of “Feng Hanzhong”, how to break this deadlock? Han Xin is in the conversation with Xiao He, puts forward his military imagination, is authorized, and has strong operability. In other words, Han Xin has been in the military perspective, and I am going to fight for the world.

The key and method of solving problems can be found in the chaos of the situation, and the solution to the problem is to say, and the “ordinary people” can be understood, and they are deeply in-depth, enough to prove Han Xins power.

It is possible to make a complex problem, clear, explain white, is it still not enough? Do you still get Xiao Hao? Is it a living example? This article not only predicts Japan Failure, even how they failed, how to fight against Japanese military people, the trend of the world, all said a clearTwo white.

This is the right, bright and bright, you know that the other party should be so hired, the parties can not be found, the devil clearly knows what the eight roads want to do, but they can only follow the Eighth Route Army.

For more than one map, it puts forward the majestic strategic goals of the three-person world, and arrange the road of the rise of the Liu Beis group. Is this not a strategy?

Those who gave a declaration, unclear, did not understand, the ability is not enough?

This is like Li Bais poems, no dazzling skills, not smashed, all the simple Chinese characters It is a thing that is unique, but it can be so wonderful, but the beauty of the Chinese civilization language, even children and illiteracy can read, this is a master!

When Han Xin scored silk When the world is analyzed, Xiao He listens to Xiao, Xiao He has been deeply shocked. He realizes that he will pick up the treasure!

Han Xins era of era

Three countries during the three countries, Cao Wei thin “Jin Shu · 籍 传” records: “Tasting Guangwu, watching the Chu Han War, sigh: There is no hero, making the aim of the madness.”

This sentence exposes the Chu Han hegemony Special era background: extreme lack of talent.

The first talent blowout of the Chinese nation is the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. Zhou Wang Dynasty, the sealing princes were very prosperous, mutual collision. This is both a chaotic, causing countless military home, thinker, politician, diplomatic home, is one of the most splendid times of the Chinese national civilization. However, when Qin Shihuang is unified, there is no such a grand basis, and the war has reached hundreds of years, leading to talents. The Qin Dynasty did not produce the soil of talents, because it did not neither the system, without a national talent training institution. Alternatively, from the perspective of maintenance, the rulers of the Qin Dynasty do not need “too many talents.”

From another point of view, education from the Spring and Autumn Warring States to Qin, including military knowledge, is monopoly, these knowledge is in the old six-national aristocrats, the father and son of the high door, accounting for the large population Most people are basically illiterate. Monopoly education, monopoly knowledge, ridgeBroken culture is the noble door of the nobles to ensure their dominance.

After what will be the tiger, the Censicin is simply a monopoly of cultural knowledge. The guys who have eaten, it is more important than anything, and it will not pass it to outsiders. Can be proficient in military, and those who are seeing, it is simply unlike, which allows Han Xin to be extravagant.

During the hegemony of Chu Han, there were a few people in the future, and the real name will come over. Liu Bangs class is a group of Pei County Xiaoxiao, so there will be no hero, Sigh!

The extreme scarce of talents allows Han Xin to be very powerful, so Xiao Hao can find Han Xin in a group of people, of course, he will feel acomer, and talk, 咦, this The buddies have been very talking, not bad!

Conclusion: It is because Xiao He has seen Han Xins extraordinary, this is trying to take a recommendation to Liu Bang, and the Chu Han hegemony is slowly opened. .

Han Xin did not live up to the recommendation and the trust of Liu Bang, almost renovated the worlds great trend, and set up the best of the soldiers.

In fact, if we may wish to make boldly, Xiao He recommended Han Xin in the end of the road, and did not have “gambling” the mind. Fortunately, I finally gamble.