the new Scalpel is legitimately one of thlightest full suspension XC racframes in world. And atsleastnrtingg aboutt.

Legitimately faster. Fundamentally lighter. Instantly better – the all-new Scalpel full suspension mountain bike is the best way to sharpen your performance. Progressive geometry and our new FlexPivot suspension give you unbreakable traction, incredible efficiency and unshakeable control over every part of the course. Blisteringly fast. Incredibly fun.

At just 1910 grams, complete with shock and hardware, the new Scalpel is legitimately one of the lightest full suspension XC race frames in the world. And thats the least interesting thing about it.

The new Scalpel has the best, most advanced suspension ever created for a cross-country mountain bike. The patented FlexPivot design delivers more grip and more speed – and weighs next to nothing.

the new Scalpel is legitimately one of thlightest full suspension XC racframes in world. And atsleastnrtingg aboutt.插图

Incredibly durable. Incredibly flexible. These patented carbon plates create virtual Horst link pivots, while being stiffer and lighter than bearings. And not to mention, completely maintenance-free.

This all-new speed machine comes in two different configurations: the ultralight, XC race-focused Scalpel; and the fast and furious trail-focused Scalpel SE. Your fast, your way.

Scalpel – the ultimate XC race bike.

You need Scalpel. With 100mm of travel front and rear, the incredible Lefty Ocho fork and lightweight parts spec, the Scalpel is built to win everywhere, from the World Cup to your local loop.

Scalpel SE – the ultralight trail bike.

You need Scalpel SE. All the benefits of a world-class XC bike for your backyard. With 120mm of travel front and rear, slacker geometry and more aggressive trail components, the Scalpel SE offers wicked speed and playful capability for trail riders who attack every ride like a race.

Slacker, longer and lower than your usual cross-country mountain bikes, the new Scalpel brings hard-charging stability and confidence to the game, without abandoning its sharp-handling XC roots.

Im a very critical athlete. I ride hard and try to find or create problems for my bike. This time Ive failed.

Henrique Avancini, 2018 Marathon World Champion

For rapid trail-side repairs, the STASH system holds a quick-draw Fabric 8-in-1 mini tool, C02 inflator and tire plug kit beneath the water bottle. Or for the truly weight obsessed, STASH can be removed and replaced with a lightweight cover.