it will be built into the Beidou Traditional Ra Search and Help System

it will be built into the Beidou Traditional Ra Search and Help System插图

(Zhi Tong Finance Network)Navigation satellite.3 navigation satellites previously launched, and serve the service.After more than 3 hours of flight, the satellite successfully entered the scheduled track, followed by the test and experimental assessment, and the 12 Beidou No.After the satellite launch, it will be built into the Beidou Traditional Rail Search and Help System, enhance the furnish risk alarm forwarding efficiency of the global satellite search and rescue system, providing “Chinese Guardian” for global distressed personnel.Next, the relevant departments of the Ministry of Transport will continue to work closely with the China Satellite Navigation System Management Office to do a good job in the construction preparations for subsequent satellite with search and rescue load.The success of launch also marks a solid step of “walking out” in the field of global distressed rescue fields.issued a statement on the 6th, said the last section of the second branch line of the North Creek-2 “natural gas pipeline project welding.3 in Xichang Satellite Launch Center (and the expedition 1 above), and successfully launches the third seventh, 38 Beidou in the “one arrow double star”.At 22:07, September 19, my country uses the Long March No.3 satellites will be completed before the end of the year, and services are provided for “all the way”.Abstract [“Beixi-2” project final pipe completed welding] Russia “Beixi-2” Co.Russian “Beixi-2” shares issued a statement on the 6th that the last section of the second branch line of the Northern-2 “natural gas pipeline project was stored.These two satellites belong to Zhongyuan Earth Rail Satellite, which is the thirteenth, fourteen network satellites in Beidou III system.

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