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Articles transferred from: Duan Wenjie blogBy the end of 2019, 50% have already quit this industry.However, in practice, the platform and platform can achieve interoperability, there is still a willingness to be solved between the enterprises, there are still many problems, who can play the role of co-ordination layout? In the face of the disorderly status of the market, during the two sessions of this year, the chairman of the National Internet Electric Motors has also suggested that the government will incorporate charging piles into the city, transportation overall planning, and promote urban and rural charging network science layout.”Since the overall new energy vehicle is still in the early days of development, the market insurance is not enough, the operation of the electricity installation is still unable to make a short term.For the sake of caching, he helplessly went to Huaiyuan, Dingyuan, the green forest thief Liu Jun.More than the Huaixi people, they were collectively referred to as “Huaixi Gongchen Group” – Xu Da, Li Shan, is of the typical.” “The head of the head enterprise in the charging market is obvious, the competition is increasingly fierce.”Especially this year, it is subject to epidemic, and each of the charging electric operators in the first half of the year, the service fee income is significantly reduced, and the industrys profit hardship is further exacerbated in the case of profitable mode, lack other value-added services revenue.7 billion yuan this year, the new charge pile 78000;Thus, it is a part of the user to think that this is original.First, from the thief to the fierceChang Feng was chased” Zhongwu “, chasing it as Kaiping Wang, Qi Yun promoted Xuan De Jingyuan Congchen, Kaifu Tongs, Shangzhigan, Taibao, Zhongshu right The prime minister, and enjoy the this trend, charging incoming capital pile areas will also be more severely assets to asset-light focus.Today, the countrys total public charging market share of 41% of the charge carriers to call special New Energy Co.Compared to the first hero of Zhu Yuanzhang, “poison death”, the first hero, and the retirement returned to the hometown, but also rushed to kill Li Shan, who had died in the early morning of the year, unexpectedly became less “good end” hero in the Huaixi Gongchen Group.Beijing public charging facility data information service platform E charge is doing this attempt, as of the end of February this year, the Beijing Social Public Charging Field Station of Beijing City is close to 2400;Directly use pseudo-original software, or collect, or copy, simply hand-time adjustment, or a small amount of literary changes to the low-level fake origin, Low-level pseudo-original is a very stupid approach, and low-level fake origin is not only a user experience, but it has damaged the user experience, and it is very terrible to biased a persons mentality.The next stage of major operators will pay more attention to the rationality of new facilities layout, moreNote the quality and efficiency of investment.Experienced a staking their claims, after the barbaric growth and sluggish construction speed gradually, in a new round of development and transition, more than their body incoming and layout and has a kind of ambition? Currently charging post operating divisions And how to break the pattern? Incoming by the public March 4, the central government clearly put forward to speed up the construction of new infrastructure charging pile.

And data shows that as of 2016, the company has lost a loss for three consecutive years.Can this gadget support a listed company? Bubble Marts “Blind Box Economy”, a small box of 1.At present, whether the vision can be achieved, whether Pandoras blind box can become a printing machine, but can investors with the temptation of Pandora? How many blind boxes have you contributed to the bubble mart to pay for the market?” Seeing this news, many people first react: “Bubble Mart is something?” Trend Toy Company Bubble Mart is repayed by “blind box” Noise, “The blind box is the name of the name,” is not to remove the box when I bought it, pay the money to open it, know that there is such a way to explain the blind box.February 8, bubble Mart new Ayla animal fashion series.The performance of the bubble mart in the capital market has confirmed the appeal of Pandora blind box.” Bubble MartDescribe your own mission and vision.6% and profit was -277.2016 bubble Mart launched the first “Molly Zodiac” blind box series, then, Molly became bubble Mart signs IP.”Bubble Mart went to Hong Kong!8 million yuan.Yuan, 2018 and 2019 year-on-year increase up to 6119% and 353%.6 billion bubble Mart, a small box of 3 billion bubble Mart, is equipped with different styles of dolls, and there are about 12 models per series.But unfortunately, the number of bubble marts is difficult to compete with Disney, and even have been trapped into plagiarism.On February 18, bubble mart issued a statement, recognizing that there is a problem with an individual style design process of Ayla Animal Fashion Show Series, and promises to design a mini commodity and recall for sold goods.04 million -2483.On the black cat complaint platform, the amount of complaints in the bubble mart has reached a thousand.”Wang Yu, who bubble Mart Ceo, said.”Brail box, buy the dredikah to buy the martyr in the 80s, 90, do not know the card in your snack bag, but you have to eat, you have to eat.

Huang Feng King wants to see mosquito is Sun Wukong, it is impossible, he is to ask Sun Wukong to please Wenshu.Punishment Time: Problems caused by the reasons of the website, according to the general degree of punishment of 15 days to 3 months, depending on the situation of the website.As soon as I see him, I dont have to die, I have learned.Huang Feng Dawei:” I am afraid what he is, I am afraid that I am a soldier!A: Basic webmasters own outer chain may be the information released by the third party B2B website, especially in the pre-optimization of too much tape Your own website link.What is more comedies behind?What is the reason?A: Search engine is a program, sometimes launching some new algorithms or blowing some cheating sites, inevitable will happen Error, misunderstanding the normal website.To know, Sun Wukong is half-life, it feels difficult.A: This basically you cant think about it, because of the optimization of cooperation, the website content is basically Hand, of course, you pay attention after publishing articles, dont copy the article on your network, and too much keywords.Wait, the yellow wind king is a mouse, six stone is still thought to be the woolen? It is far away!First, killed the killing of Sun Wukong, a demon report for himself;1, misunderstandingThis time, Sun Wukong is not light, and the yellow wind king actually retransmate.Sun Wukong also wanted to rush again and then hit it, and sprayed a boy with a yellow wind, putting two flaming eyes, smashing tightly, can be opened, so it is difficult to make iron rods, Lower down.A: Sometimes we can use the Site: Domain Name (not adding WWW) to query the query included, if there are some * classes or other and website Coherent information, then 100%, the current website may be hanged, domain name is resolution, etc.

China Network Technology June 13 (Reporter Union) 2018 Asian Consumer Electronics Show (CESASIA 2018) was held today.It has many kinds of column, plane, cold, warm, etc.The background paper is relatively thin, sometimes there is backlight demand, still thin A good, each use., which is suitable for business, recommended 3:It is pointed out that sales will gradually pick up within one or two months of S8.For the current domestic color TV market prospect, Zhou Houjian is pointed out that the US market population is about 320 million, while the sales volume of TV products is nearly 40 million, China 1.Friends who have taken the babys short video know that the shooting script is formulated, and it is not difficult to shoot the scene.These are not difficult for us, and the fixed lens is not difficult, it is difficult to the sports shot.So, how do I find a Taobao shoot? The latest version of the mobile phone Qian Niu – Search “Amoy shoots thousand cattle plug-ins, the iOS version of the Amoy is online, Android version, please look forward to.Step 1: We need to prepare a 1 * 0.Step 2: Video shooting is the most important thing on background cloth / background paper.Also use mobile phones to shoot baby video, why the sports lens you took always jitter, the video suddenly decreased, and the teachers took the video unified?To help the merchant to shoot short video, Taobao launched short video shooting tools – Amoy shooting supports mobile phone shooting and editing video, more preset script, video shooting template can be free;Hisense will strengthen the development of laser display and ULD technology, and break through the speech and image recognition technology of AI TV.

Liu Gun and Zheng Chenghang managed Guangfa Xin enjoy the flexible configuration of the newspaper, in the top-down market style, it is difficult to judge which style will domine in the second half of the year.The overall presented slower pattern, the market does not lack investment opportunities;Among them, flexible configuration and minimum stock positions are more prominent in 80% of ordinary stock forms.Determine the direction, like when the examination is as important to see the problem.But to Liuhechuan, the year is only confused, and the body is strong, the spring is suddenly serious, and it will suddenly die in the panic.Thunder is further stated that in a long time, the whole society is still very abundant, with good business model, sustained competitive advantage, and high-quality company that sustained growth potential remains scarce resources.Kuangzhuan over 100%!Overall, the average equity fund performance is good and the overall performance is better than the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index movements (this year, fell 7.And because of the rise in status, often in general and Xu Da and other upper contacts have also increased.41%, boosted the funds net worth this year.” It seems that only one is adjusted, in fact, it is likely to change the contents of the content.5% respectively, 4.There is also a fund income doubled in 2014, which is the financial real estate of the ICBC, and the income exceeds 102%.Also make money using similar methods and procedures.As of the reporter, iQiyi and Youku have not responded to whether the pilot is piloted according to the production cost procurement mode.

Similarly, the form should also be short, no one likes to fill in redundant forms.Last year, Lei Jun announced the “Double Engine” strategy of mobile phone + Aiot, and called this is the core strategy of Xiaomis next five years.Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will issue 5G commercial licenses, my country will officially enter 5G commercial first year.gathered your brand, add simple, clear elements to attract your audience.Prior to this, Dong Mingzhu said, “He (Lei Jun) is willing to continue to continue, I can jointly promote the development of Chinas manufacturing industry through comprehensive comprehension, competition has a power.5G commercial license will promote the development of the whole industry chain.But if no one knows your company, no one will pay attention to what you sell.”The reform of the self-trade test area will pay more attention to the innovation of soft systems, including funds, technology transfer, and trade imports are the future.In 2018, Gree Electrics operating total revenue was RMB 2.”The two gambling is dating back to 2013, at the time, at the China Economic Annual Character Selection Awards Festival, Lei Jun and Dong The pearl is awarded, and a five-year gambling is called.Recently, the State Council issued a notice to reproduce the national or specific region to promote the pilot experience of the fifth batch of 18 freedom test district reform.In April last year, as Gree Electric released the 2018 financial report, the gambling of both parties also ended.You like your audience, the more you get, the more customers you get.Satisfaction, promoting reform dividends, and opening up and effective.Lei Jun said that AIOT is a AI + IoT (artificial intelligence + Internet of Things platform), but for the inside, AIOT is “All In IoT”, and claims that it is necessary to invest 10 billion in this area for five years.Industrial observers Hong Shibin pointed out that in the future, for Gree Electric and Xiaomi, it is necessary to stick to the main business and expand multi-diversityBusiness, and the direction of the two parties will also decide the winning party.” Hong Shin said.

URL depth has two layers of explanation, namely:This statement is wrong, the domain name weight is determined in the quality of the content and the quality of the outer chain.If the sitting body deliberately releases a few accounts, these accounts are lost, and the penalty will not be fined a few more money.The URL level is also called the URL structure, and the column structure is also called the column depth.Speaking of the fire and software, but also said to sit in the god of funds.First, clearly indicate that the URL depth and the website weight have nothing to do.Therefore, this column says that the majority of retail investors have driven the skyrocketing of the company, and they do not meet the logic of investors understanding.Later, such an account group can also avoid the supervision of the Securities Regulatory Commission, fried the stock price, but from the exchange data, that is, the different brokers of different business departments across the country, even a penalty object No.The deeper the depth, the brighter, the more shallow URL is included.4 billion yuan, accounting for 91.The first-level column URL depth is the most shallow, the secondary column is deep, and the depth of the three-level column is deeper, and this is pushed.There is a saying that the top-level domain name weight is the highest, the secondary domain name right is restored, and the three-level domain name right is lower.The URL character is, the more characters, the deeper the depth of the URL, the less the character, the smaller the depth of the URL.

Shanxi Securities believes that Tongwei Shares and Longki Shares reached a strategic cooperation agreement, and the two faucets jointly guarantee each others sales channels and raw materials supply, which greatly enhanced the stability of the performance of both parties.Huachuang securities optimistic about the prospects of the PV industry, and said that as the price of industry chain is gradually stabilizing, the domestic bidding project has launched the bidding, and it is expected to usher in the delivery season in the fourth quarter.In terms of overseas markets, the epidemic impact gradually slows down, and the project is launched.Two big heads to expand the productionFrom a medium long term, Huachuang Securities believes that as photovoltaic is gradually increasing, the subsidy demand is gradually weakened, and the internal growth of the industry will gradually be stimulated, and the policy disturbance is gradually decreasing.The first anniversary of Jingdong Home Medical shows that users are active than 87%, and the average number of users can increase the speed of 220% per month.2GW-3GW new energy project is intended during cooperation.Abstract [Optimistic to expand production capacity in the industry prospects] PV Longtou Tongwei Shares and Longki Shares have recently jointly announced will deepen strategic cooperation, plus silicon production capacity expansion.The shortcut, high efficiency of online diagnosis and treatment makes the patient a full recognition of this new approach to a large extent, and the habit of people seek medical treatment.With low-carbon emissions, green development concepts are gradually accepted and recognized, and photovoltaic development is expected to be vigorously promoted globally.Strong combined into the tre.

2, keyword layout should be reasonableHe believes that only a win-win situation can be developed for a long time.When a webmaster is building a new website, you must first query us.From the 7th day of the 19th year, it is gradually achieved by concentrated support to poverty and strongly promote the stable transition of rural resolution.For example, if your website is passed by K, if you have passed Baidu K, give up this domain name, unless you spend a big price, I get this domain name, so you can consider slowly recovery later.The layout of keyword is very important, you need to consider the keyword optimization of the website, the website structure from the homepage to the column page, classify the page to the details Page, the weight is also from the homepage to the details page, it is also in turn, when the keyword layout, the core keyword must be the layout in the home, the core keyword layout in the column page, which is the product center or the news center, the medium and long Tail keyword layout in the classification page, pay attention to the correlation between keywords, long-tailed keyword layout details page, that is, product and information details page.At the same time, the waste of Mornings biology is fermented into liquid fertilizers, free to provide farmers and guiding farmers to plant resources, achieving the comprehensive utilization of resources and ecological circulation agriculture.After stabilizing the development model of rural industries, how to continuously make the development of the industry, let farmers have increasing, which is another problem after the company went to the countryside.In this regard, the National Peoples Congress, Lu Qingguo, the Chairman of the Morning Bioli, suggested that the state should support and encourage the modernization of the “downstore” to participate in rural revitalization, so that the industrial value added effects of modern science and technology have increased farmers income, Transforming agricultural production methods, complement, realizing companies, farmers, and rural areas;A website must be able to get a good collection, a good keyword rankings, must learn to improve the overall weights of the website, the weight is not the same, it is necessary to use the website optimization skills.Before the domain name is used, it has been used in more detail to check the Baidus specific collection of this domain name.Morning light is also actively cooperating with colleges and universities to develop the latest scientific and technological innovation achievements into the development of rural industries.Lu Qingguo said that it is not easy to develop a modernization science and technology industry in a rural area.The advantage of modern technology companies is to improve the added value of the whole industry chain by continuous technological innovation.Top Ten Hot Search 1, Taobao 2, QQ Space 3, 4399 Game 4, Youku 5, Naruto 6, NBA7, Sina Weibo 8, Jingdong Mall 9, Wudong Qiankun 10, fast broadcast top ten rises 1, Bell Valley Open 2, Mengniu Yili stops 3, Dari Niang Xiangxue 4, CCTV report Liu Xiang is now Wu Long foot 5, the girl dream through the lie 6, Wen Zhaofu color door 7, Zhao Benshan exits the Spring Festival Evening 8, “Times” feeding 9.”I hope that the country has increased investment funds, talents, technology, equipment, etc.Update in the website is to do long-tailed keyword optimization, constantly expand new long-tailed keywords, constantly optimize, let more long-tailed keywords are ranked home, and accumulate Many traffic, through the first optimization of long-tailed keywords, drive optimization core keywords, first easy to get difficult, enable more keywords on home.3, rationally optimized website chainuse scientific and technological achievements to agricultural rural related industries, realize ecological circular agriculture and rural industries green, innovative development, so that farmers have a living, and the environment is obtained Protection, open a new situation in urban and rural integration development and modernization.