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Follow our Xiaobian to explore the real ginger tooth in history.

The people in the Qing repair must abide by the rules and discipline, “Journey to the West” is originally the heavens of the heavens, because the wine is toned, and it is degraded to the fire. This is accompanying Tang Yan to seek the truth in Xian, so redemption of his own sin. Rules and regulations are most likely to be wrong.

Diet is light, cant drink alcohol, dont get close to women. When the ginger in the god list was shattered, she was stripped, but we looked at the death of the death, and it should not be something that the people should do. Why is this?

Jiang Zis teeth is the apprentice of Yuan Shi Zun, which was originally practiced in Kunlun Xianshan, but in addition to the devils road, I came to the country of Shang Dynasty. Yuan Shi Tianzun requires that Jiang Zis teeth must be filled with merits, sealing God, or not to return to Kunlun Mountain.

Ginger tooth is also a cold and ugly man, so he will fight with the master. Since you cant go back to Kunlun, he just drinks meat in everything, just like a gershal, let go of life, let go.

Jiang Zis teeth caught the livestock in the backyard of the Song family, and his skills were known by the world. Jiang Zis teeth were cultivated in Kunlun for more than forty years. He always said that he is swollen, burning water to do some rough, in fact, these are not true. After all, he is the chief disciple of Kunlun Mountain. He is really cultivating the spell, the fire of the eyes, the dead and the Sanyi really fire.

Jiang Zi teeth gave everyone a fortune at all times, because he is a monk, can look at the world, so his is very accurate. In this way, he became a narcotic divination home. People are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid. The ginger is famous, and the trouble is naturally looking for home. So Jiang Zis fortune is coming to a door, this is the jade fine.

The fairy is naturally very beautiful. This is the same, very bright and moving, has a smelly, the appearance of the moon.琵琶 精 穿 穿, all the way crying, the interpropet is directly ran to the ginger tooth, there is no opposition. Jiang Zis teeth is a monk. It is natural to see that this woman is not a person. It is a demon.Seika, her predecessor is a fine.

琵琶 不 精 是 是,,,,,,,, 卦 卦,, 事 卦 事 事 事 事 卦Ginger to teeth see her identity, naturally, it also understands her intentions. The people of the monograph have been with the demon satellite, so when they stretched out to ginger to teeth, Jiang Zis hand held this beautiful womans hand, not let it.

A big man holds a beautiful little girls hand, not letting it, and still staring at people, this is not allowed in that feudal era. So Jiang Zis shop door, the more you gathered, the more you are very angry, and everyone is very angry. The mortal cant see that this woman is a monster. Jiang Zi is also very difficult, and it is unclear.

The group is angry, and the ginger is required to put people. Ginger is the last helplessness, raising a piece of, taking the past. This smashing, killing the 琵琶 精 精, fell to the ground. At watching people, Jiang Zi teeth directly hit it, so everyone directly is more than the marks.

But the public saying public is reasonable, and his wife said to be reasonable. For a time, it is not possible to judge who is right. Then brought the ginger to the Shangyu King, ask the king to personally cut off. Along the way, Jiang Zis teeth did not release the hand of the sperm, even if it did not release his hand in front of the business. Ginger teeth want to prove that he is right, only let the 琵琶 原琶 原形.

Because Shangyu Wang is also very curious about the monster, then agree to let Jiang himself prove the innocent. So I am ready to fire, Jiang Zi teeth can only print this monster. So Jiang Zis teeth unnamed the clothes in front of the king, and before and after her body, the head was stamped. Ginger is doing this to prevent the bodies from making a boutique, escape.

Conclusion: If the enema is running, then Jiang Zis murderer is doing the crime. As a result, everyone is imagined, under the baking of the three-smell of ginger teeth, the 琵琶 will quickly appear, so that her repairs are destroyed in an instant.

Shangyu Wang looked stupid, and Jiang Zis teeth also proved that he was innocent, he didnt deliberately homicide, but in addition to magic,The king has a ginger tooth innocence and rewards ginger tooth. Later, due to the midwin knot, killing the loyalty, causing the people to resent, which made Jiang Zis teeth joined the Zhou Wenwang camp, overturned the Shang Dynasty to establish a large week.