A generation of Tang Dynasty, Li Guangyu, is far less th Guo Ziyi ithe late generion-

A generation of famous Li Guangyu, why is it worthy of Guo Ziyi? Below we Xiaobian introduces you to the relevant content.

In the period of the chaos of An Shi, if the military ability, Li Guangyi claimed to be the second, no one dared to call the first, and even Guo Ziyi had to be willing to worship. But in the future, the famous arrogance is far less than Guo Ziyi?

I have a straightforward point: in the minds of the Chinese, I can do things and people, it is the top talent (just like being held today. Zeng Guofan in the sky); Although Li Guangxi first-class business, it is too unitone, and the ability to do relations is lacking. In the officialdom of China, this kind of person will often suffer.

Li Guangzhen: It is definitely a presence of the people, the civil and military, and is deeply affirmed by Wang Zhongyu, Anshun, Cognhan, Guo Ziyi, etc.

Li Guangyus ancestors is the Qialini. However, the Qidan at that time was a small tribe under the Tang Dynasty. Thanks to the employee policy that is open, many nobles are Tang Dynasty. Li Guangyus family is because of the war, his father Li Li, in the first year of Kaiyuan, the official to Zuo Yulin, the parallelism, and was sealed as the country.

From the list of the famous family, Li Guangxi received the system of aristocratic education, he was a decent, the name of the name, the character is justified, after the death, he strictly guards the Confucian Thenfang System During the filial piety, I have never seen my wife; he has highlighted, and civil and military orders can not only read “Han Shu”, but also be good at riding, and proficient.

In the early years of Tianbao, Li Guangzis official to Zuo Qingxing rate and Northern National Guardian, and the Shufang was a woman. After a few years, he was held at the time of the big Tang Tang name, and the Hexi Festival Wang Zhongyu value, and it was promoted as a soldier and horses, and the red-saving army was made.

For this potential Xinxing, Wang Zhongwei gave special care, history book called “loyalty to the viciousness”, he often said: “Li Guangyu sat into my position early.”

In the years, Li Guangyu has excellent performance, gradually being promoted to Hexi Space Deputy, Shujue Jie County, and after the official, the official, the DPRK, was consistent with the side town name .

Later, the Shufang Festival was soaked in the appreciation of Li Guangyi, and entered the court to appoint it.Vice degree Shuofang section, after part-time leave (can be a proxy military commissioner); This is nothing, he even wanted her daughter to marry even the future of the star. But Li Guangbi to a more rigorous relationship between men and women, and secondly resist cliques, therefore sick grounds, resign retreat.

The front of the Reds was precisely at Long Geshu Han Jie Du Li Longji, and Ansi Shun has always been a contradiction; I heard this, he recommended the court Li Guangbi to help them return to the capital.

(Note: Ansi Shun, Li Guangbi are born generals minority) after

An Lushan Rebellion broke out, Feng Changqing, Gao Xianzhi after another defeat, Li Longji appointment of Guo Ziyi is Shuofang Jie Du, responsible for Hexi war; at the same time, he also sought other good will, to be responsible for Hebei, Hedong insurgency affairs, Guo Ziyi Li Guangbi so strongly recommended.

756 AD, Li Guangbi has been appointed as the cloud Prefecture, royal doctor, Dong Jie Du Fushi, Fan Yang Nagao, Hebei military commissioner and other staff, and Guo Ziyi a charge of counter-insurgency in North China action.

explosion hammer the rebels, called Shi Siming Li Guangbi nemesis

In Rebellion, Li Guangbi performance proved that he is indeed worthy of my colleagues of all ages.

In March 756 AD, Li Guangbi rate thousand people of all ethnic groups of soldiers, captured the rebel-held Changshan, capture enemy Titans An Siyi; thereafter Shi Siming led twenty thousand Jingji come to seize the city , Li Guangbi to win with fewer, defeated the enemy, Shi Siming retreat, Changshan county court to recover almost all are.

In order to cope with a series of offensive military court in Hebei, to avoid being cut off before and after the fall of the situation, Lushan hastily summoned attempt to eat Guo Ziyi, Li Guangbi number of armies in absolute disadvantage. In June, Shi Siming, Cai Xide, Yin Ziqi, Niu Jie Ting and other rebel generals in Changshan region gathered from 70,000 troops and horses, of which there are 1/5 Lushan elite with Romania, drag down the river.

face outnumbered situation, Guo Ziyi, Li Guangbi put deep gully high stick posture, “the thief to keep, then go chasing,” and repeatedly attacked the enemy camp in the middle of the night , so do not party stand it. A few days later, Tang Jun army attack, defeated the enemy in Jiashan, beheading forty thousand; Shi Siming kill is almost on the spot, disheveled panic and flee. ”

After this war, the court morale is great, and the military and civilians in each of Hebei killed the rebel army will return to the court, and the contact between An Lushan in Luoyang is cut off. And to the southeast, I was hit by Zhang; west, I was stopped in Shaoguan, and An Lushan took two difficulties. I was anxious as the ants on the hot pot. He even considers to give up the Central Plains, withdraw the old nest, and I plan to do.

At the same time, Guo Ziyi, Li Guangyu suggested: Corunhan is solid, dragged the main force of An Lushan, they led the army to Manyangs old nest, captive the family of the rebels, so The enemy will inevitably collapse, and it will be defeated without war.

If this plan is implemented, then the chaos of the Ai Museum is likely to be ended at this time, and the roots do not need to be eight years.

However, not afraid of Gods opponent, I am afraid of the pigs teammates, the emperor will send the rebels to the fight: At that time, any will be reliable, even if it is Before the red fried chicken Geohan; he listens to Yang Guozhongs opinion, forced the big army of Shaoguan, the result is defeated to the hand of the rebels, and the gate to the off is completely opened.

On the way to Li Longji, the Prince Li He He He He He He He said that the emperor is the emperor, which is Tang Suzong. He ordered Li, Guo Junjun and herself, another picture. Li Guangyu was appointed as a household book, and he was Taiyuan Yin, Beijing left-behind, and the paladie of the book (ie, the prime minister), the town of the town is Taiyuan.

Zhenwei Taiyuan, became the road to the road of the rebels

AD 757, Shi Siming, Cai Xid, Gao Xiuyan, Niu Tings 玠 rate of more than 10,000 people attacked Taiyuan; and Li Guangfus soldiers rushed almost all The Shufang Tang Suzong, Taiyuans soldiers are less than 10,000. Si Ming believes that his victory is in the hands, and it is proud to say:

The soldier of the light is weak, but it can reflex the Taiyuan, tribute to the west, the river, the squad, there is no gain!

If you eat Li Guangyu in one fell swoop, the big camp of Tang Suzong will completely expose to the rebels, Datang will have no chance to turn over.

However, Li Guangzhen is worthy of Si Mings King, he fully explores the specialty of each military person, repairing a city, digging an authentic, and even digging to the enemys feet, often have a rebel army is in the city, suddenlyInexplicable disappearance; didnt have a while, but I was first died in the city; so, there were not a few enemies dared to close the city wall. At the same time, Li Guangyu also made people have made a large number of stone trucks. A stone threw out, killing the enemy, let the rebels smell the wind; soon, the rebel military big camp suddenly trapped, and the people were killed, and they were flustered. The Tang Jun suddenly killed, and he was 10,000.

After that, An Lushan was killed by his son, and Shi Siming was recalled in Fan Yang, leaving Cai Xid to continue to be siege. After a month, I saw the enemys tiredness. Li Guangyu personally led the death team to attack, broke the rebels, daggedd more than 70,000 people, and the residual enemy soldiers were escaping.

Next, Li Guangyu and served as the long history of Queen in Queen, Hebei Festival, and continued to fight in the leading line. He first broke the Si Ming in Heyang, and then defeated the Shi Siming, and the enemy will be An Taiqing, Zhou, Yang Xiwen, etc., successfully recovered Huazhou.

Soon, in the murder of the fish, another will lead the servant to the unity, Tang Suzong criticized his fathers same mistake: forced Li Guangzhen to attack Luoyang. Due to the disassembly of the enemy, Tang Jun finally defeated. Tang Suzongs self-knowledge, will appoint Li Guangyu as Taishi, and Henan, Huainan, Shannan East Road, Jing Nan and other deputy director, out of town, Huai. At that time, the rebel army was rampant in Zhedong, Li Guangyu, and quickly settled the bureau.

AD 762, Li Guangyu was sealed to Huai Wang, a gift of iron coupons, and painted like Lingbo Pavilion.

Infair to the battlefield, put the interpersonal relationship, Li Guangyu committed political mistakes, and finally depressed and killed

Li Guangwei was the first-class general at the time, but his character and style, It also enabled him to hate many people:

First, he brought strict, so that the soldiers were afraid.

Li Guangzhen leaded, nesting is strict, and it has not been confident in the autumn, and the soldiers who violate the army will not be ignorant; while Guo Ziyi is loose, and Li Guangzi is very different.

AD 758, Li Guangtu alternative Guo Ziyi as a sage, the military and homestener. Guo Ziyis original part of Zhang Ji and others have a harsh, and their private discussion, disturbing the military. After Li Guangyu arrived in the big camp, he immediately used Zhang Ji toFirst, captains shock, no one dared to disagree.

History says Li Guangbi Royal Army serious “the world serving his chances, every Shen orders, all will not dare to look up … less able to made public, and Guo Ziyi par.”

but “Flattery easy to fit, honest hard pro “, compared with the good man of Guo Ziyi, Li Guangbi rather recruit people hate.

Secondly, upright character, offended courtier.

Since the Rebellion, out of fear of the generals, and emperors of the Tang Dynasty eunuch unprecedented reuse; these courtier who not only holds the imperial guards, as well as a large number were sent around Jianjun and other staff. These people often insult to the generals, and external relations is extremely tense.

original Taiyuan Jiedushi Wang Cheng lax military industry, dispatched by the court in charge of Bing Shi Shi Yu Shi Cui public responsibility, he often publicly humiliated Wang Cheng industry, Li Guangbi that, very angry.

and when guard Li Guangbi ordered to go to Taiyuan, Cui laity alike carelessly, there is no courtesies, even delaying official, Li Guangbi furious, immediately be thrown into a large prison.

Shortly after the messenger of the courts reach, was ordered to be closed to the public Cui Zhong Cheng. Li Guangbi said: “Cui public guilt, I have to get him up!” The angel of Chiming show, but no Li Guangbi to face: “Im going to cut Shi Shi today; if he were promoted to Zhongcheng, then I cut Zhongcheng; if he was appointed the prime minister, then Ill just kill the prime minister, “the messenger was terrified, and quickly on foot!. The next day, Cui Li Guangbi the public beheading in public, from whom a face-lift military discipline.

able to fight, another character, Jin Chen Li Guangbi since become a thorn in the court, and therefore committed a political error.

later in Tangs reign, eunuchs Cheng Yuanzhen served 骠骑大将军, sentenced to marshal the march Sima, this man at the helm, do whatever they want, for the persecution of generals is getting worse; for those medals outstanding champion, he always He pondered his best to humiliate the sake of some items persecution of sensationalism.

In 763 AD, the Turkic army entrance Chang, Cheng Yuanzhen not timely memorial, causing panic Daizong away; later when loyalist to the world conscription in Tang, Li Guangbi other generals resentment against Cheng Yuanzhen, most did not come Funan .

Because of this, Li Guangbi from some guilty conscience; plusHe is afraid of the persecution of the officials, and never returns to the DPRK. However, the legs and other spirits will take him to see him, and they will not be afraid to him from this to him. Li Guangyu hated and accumulated a disease, died in 764 AD.

Before death, he sent Sun Zhen to bring his own letter, and went to the court to defend the court; after death, he sent him to the capital; and the Tang Dynasty was also grateful. He is the merits of the Tang Tang, not only for its three days, but also a large sea preservation, but also set the number as Wu Mu (later Yue Fei is also this 谥). He learned that Li Guangxi has never harmful to the fish, he also deliberately let the fish in person to condolence the family of Li Guangxi to thank the crime. On the day of the funeral of Li Guangyu, the Tang Dynasty ordered all the civil and military to funeral, which can be glorified. Therefore, when the Tang Dynasty, Li Guangyus reputation was still good. Although he had an anti-national act, it is essentially the chaos of the Datang Dynasty, and the officials of the officials will be caused; as a ranking of ethnic minorities, he is in the face of strong rebels, not afraid, many times Many, for a flat rebellion, the sweat work. For such a top general, if we need to ask him according to the standard of politicians, it is also too strong. After all, it is not everyone who is Guo Ziyi.