Dawn is an open-source and cross-platform implementation of the work-in-progressWebGPUstandard. More precisely it implementsthat is a one-to-one mapping with the WebGPU IDL. Dawn is meant to be integrated as part of a larger system and is the underlying implementation of WebGPU in Chromium.

Dawn provides several WebGPU building blocks:

that applications and other building blocks use.

A native implementation of WebGPU

on Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Android and Fuchsia

OpenGL as best effort where available

A client-server implementation of WebGPU

for applications that are in a sandbox without access to native drivers

Dawns bug trackerif you find issues with Dawn.

Dawns mailing listfor other discussions related to Dawn.

Dawns Matrix chatroomfor live discussion around contributing or using Dawn.

User documentation: (TODO, figure out what overlaps with the webgpu.h docs)

Apache 2.0 Public License, please seeLICENSE.

This is not an officially supported Google product.