Mucal Periodic Table

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Click on any button with element name to get its x-ray properties. If you give an energy value in the box at the top of the table then you also get x-ray cross-sections at that energy. The sources for the subroutine (mucal_f or mucal_c) used to calculate x-ray cross-sections isavailable.

Calculations are based on data from: W.H. McMaster N.K. Del Grande, J.H. Mallett and J.H. Hubbell, Compilation of x-ray cross sections,Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Report UCRL-50174(section I 1970, section II 1969, section III 1969 and section IV 1969).

Fluorescence yield data from: M. O. Krause,J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data.8, 307(1979).

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